Monday, October 5, 2015

The Annual mfc Mets Most Valuable Player Award

Who's it going to be?

The winner will get a digital plaque, a Mets Fantazy Special MVP Card and wallpaper art to reflect the accomplishment.

You can place your vote in the poll at the bottom of this page. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Vote for The Mets 2015 mfc 

The mfc MVP award. Help me fill in the blanks. Sorry, this poll cannot accept split votes. If you have a write in vote you can do so in the comments section. 

Who is The 2015 Mets MVP?

The 1st mfc Mets Most Valuable Player Award

Sunday, October 4, 2015

>>>>The mfc Clinching Cards. Next stop, LA!

I'm sorry I'm a little late with these but at the time I was busy enjoying what was happening. This is going to be a long week of waiting.

New York's final record for the 2015 regular season is 90-72.
Could you imagine how depressing this last week would have been if we weren't going to the post?

This is the last regular Season Set card (#211)
Was that offensive explosion that started when we got Yoenis Cespedes and lasted through the sweep of the Nationals and ended shortly after we clinched this teams high point? Let's hope not, because there is one huge mountain left to climb.


The city isn't ours yet. But it will be soon. 


mfc>>>The Regular Season Comes To A Close

This wacky, incredible, ridiculously amazin' and finally fulfilling regular season (weather willing) comes to an end today. What a long strange trip it's been.

And look who's #1!

If you've been following this blog for a while then you know I have steered somewhat off course.

My first Fantazy Card
I was marching up through time telling the New York Mets club history with custom made baseball cards. If you remember I started this blog back in 2013 as a distraction because I was not happy with the current state of affairs with my favorite team.

I never intended to make current cards here. In 2014 I did a Season Set and those cards were displayed on a separate blog. For that project I made at least one card for each game. That was fun but I got a bit burnt out on it at the season's close.

At the beginning of this season I did say I would make current cards for notable games and player accomplishments. I figured I'd be able to make 20- 30 cards. And then  this season happened. This wacky season. As of this writing there are 205 Season Set cards with more coming up before the playoffs.

And you can't say this isn't Metropolitan history.
I left off on game 7 of the 1973 World Series and that page has yet to be completed. And that can wait.
......wait for it.
First we will have NLDS cards! We might have NLCS cards.
And if we're really fortunate, World Series cards!!!
I'll return to the 1973 World Series this offseason.

For now I will totally enjoy being distracted by the 2015 National League New York Mets.


Mets great Rusty Staub suffered a heart attack the other day. He is said to be recuperating nicely.


I'll stick this one down here and maybe no one will see it.
I have to add that it was a magnificent performance.

^That's NYM-SS card #206!^

Next up will be cards commemorating the Mets clinching game vs. the Reds. I know these are late but things have been happening so fast I have to play catchup.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yogi Berra & Phil Linz: Together Again (in color!)

We've all read many stories about Yogi Berra since he passed. I won't even mention Yogiisms except for the fact that I had to mention it to be able to say I wouldn't mention it. The one I'll focus on here has to do with mfc's latest colorization project.
In 1964 the Yankees promoted their field manager Ralph Houk to general manager. The job of managing the Yanks was given to Yankee legend Yogi Berra. 

           The Yankees, a juggernaut for decades, were an aging team in 1964. New York played listless ball throughout much of the summer and in mid-August they lost four straight games in Chicago to the first-place White Sox.

Yogi Berra and Phil Linz-1965
After the fourth loss the team was on it's way to O'Hare Airport when Phil Linz, a Yankee reserve infielder who was sitting in the back of the bus, began playing his harmonica. Linz was teaching himself to play at the time and would often practice when given the chance.

Yogi, who was in a foul mood after Chicago had whupped their butts, was sitting at the front end of the bus. In no mood for fun or music, Berra yelled, "KNOCK IT OFF!".

Linz couldn't hear clearly over his own playing but he knew Yogi had yelled something. He got the attention of Mickey Mantle who was sitting nearby and asked him what Berra had said. Mantle replied, "'He said 'play it louder.' " This pleased Linz who started to blow out "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with much more fervor.
The actual harmonica
This didn't please Yogi, an old school guy who didn't think anyone should be in a fun mood after such a dismal series. Berra bee-lined to the back of the bus gritting his teeth and fuming. He slapped the harmonica out of Linz's hands and returned to his own seat. After that the bus was as quiet as could be.

The media tried to spin the incident in a way that had Berra losing control of his team. But the Yankees went on a tear after that, winning their division and taking the World Series to seven games. Yogi's Yankees would lose that World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals and shortly thereafter Berra was fired as manager of the team.

The Yankees loss was our gain as Yogi came over to Queens and became a player/coach for the Mets, where he stayed for the next decade. He managed both the Yankees & Mets and took them both to the World Series.

The photo below is pretty awesome, showing Berra and Linz poking fun at the tale, which even back then had become pretty legendary. They are pictured circa 1967, during New York's annual Mayor's Trophy game on July 12th. I figure this was before the game, but it could have been after. Yogi would have been in a good mood because the Mets had beaten the Yankees 4-0. Mets pitchers Don Cardwell, Dennis Bennett, Bob Shaw and Jack Lamabe combined for a five hitter.

Once I saw this photo I knew I'd have to colorize it. People pay tribute in different ways. 
This is my tribute to Lawrence "Yogi" Berra.



Whew, only bruised but still, I hope it does not affect his swing. Postseason, here we come.