Friday, January 30, 2015

The mfc SCOREBOARD Collection UPDATE:1988

This card goes out to Louis because he was absolutely correct. How could I not have covered the late 80's and 90's scoreboard look! I was able to find one decent photo from, I think, 1988. If that is incorrect please let me know, I can change the border. 

As of now, it's a 1988 mfc SCOREBOARD card!

Thanks for the input Louis. If I find a better photo someday I'll update this one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The mfc SCOREBOARD Collection 1962-2015

I've been waiting for the Mets to make a move and pump me up for 2015. And yes, a  move was announced the other day. A brand new ...shortstop,...Scherzer,...manager,..owners,...

That's right folks. It don't take much to pump me up. A superficial move. I'm a simple man. I appreciate things like scoreboards. So lets bring on the mfc SCOREBOARD Collection!

 The Polo Grounds 1962-'63
Look at that old thing. I know as a kid I would have had to try and sneak up inside there. What are those? Offices? Amazin'.

   Shea Stadium is born 1964. The scoreboard in all it's intended glory.
The giant slide show did not last long.

After the slideshow failed, before the logo, 1965

 The best scoreboard known to man and the universe circa 1969-'73.
I did sneak up into this one in 1971 or '72. There really was a giant slide projector up there behind that logo.

                                          Last look at the white shell.

                                Mets sell some prime real estate.

                                                         A last goodbye.

                                    Citi Field's erector set scoreboard

 I knew Wright was too big for the original scoreboard.
And a "!" on a baseball card means it's exciting!
I wasn't sure but that clinched it. This is exciting news.

Yes, to me any Mets news is exciting.

mfc will continue with the 1973 World Series in the near future.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

>>>>>>>>>>>'86mfc Diamond King Dwight Gooden

While I procrastinate over starting the pages for the last two games of the 1973 World Series  (spoiler, we lose) I'll continue to throw some stuff up. I did a drawing of Dwight Gooden and tried to get him to sign it at Shea back in 1988. Good story there, but I won't bore you with it now. Bottomline, Doc did not sign it.

 I recently came across a giant sized 1986 Donruss Diamond King Dwight Gooden. I had the card once but I had forgotten all about it. I forgot all about those Topps & Donruss jumbos in the mid 80's. Cards from the 80's are nostagic to me now. Yikes, I'm getting old. Oh, back to the Diamond King. Now that I make custom cards it occurred to me right away to put one of my drawings on a Diamond King when I was reminded of that Perez classic.

Donruss/Diamond King/ Dwight Gooden : Dick Perez

I colorized the drawing and popped it into the DK border. Doing a DK card is a personal fantasy come true for me. I envied Perez having that gig. I even borrowed his layout of big portrait, small action shot. But we all did that & I doubt he was the first. I drew up a bunch of players back in those days.


Coming up, hopefully before next season starts, games 6 & 7 of the 1973 World Series.
I thought I'd be more into this blog in the off season. Maybe this is just a reflection of how boring the Mets off season has been so far. Cuddyer was nice, but we need another piece.
Pump me up Sandy! Make a move!

Monday, January 5, 2015

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mfc '68 Tom Seaver Alt

There was a very interesting article recently on the Mets 360 blog regarding Tom Seaver's 1968 Topps baseball card. In their Met Card Of The Week column they put up some info that I was never aware of.

The 1968 Topps Tom Seaver card that we all are well acquainted with was a rather blah portrait. They used the same photo for his 1969 card, and I was never happy when Topps did that kind of thing. Still, a great card, showing a boyish Tom under a clear blue sky (you'll notice I always will prefer nice blue skies in my custom cards, even if I have to create them).
Same photo on the 69t sticker!
Tom has had a few '68mfc cards made since the project started. The different early versions have been pulled in favor of the one below created for the '68 Opening Day Lineup page. This will be Seaver's official mfc card.

Doug Parker from Mets 360 brought to my attention that there was an earlier Topps Tom Seaver card printed in 1968 that was never issued. 

Because Tom posed as a lefty pitcher in an attempt to fool the Topps photographer. Or maybe the photographer knew and was going along with the prank. Who knows? Well, Tom does.
Mr. Seaver, were you in cahoots with the Man From Topps?

In any case the card went so far as to be printed on a proof sheet before the photo was noticed. Another Hall Of Fame pitcher, Bob Gibson, also posed as a lefty (see uncut sheet), and someone at the company finally picked up on the gag. Topps pulled the cards and came up with the head shot portrait that we all know today. 
Bob Gibson's card was also substituted with a chest & up portrait shot.

As soon as I saw this article I knew I was going to try and re-create the unreleased Seaver card. Tom pulled his shenanigans at the world famous Sadecki (RIP) Spot and the background is recreated here. This is as close as I could get to the original card.

Tom Seaver's 1968 mfc never issued alternate Topps card recreation.

I hope Mr. Seaver is feeling better these days after his bout with with Lyme disease and Bell's palsy. We will always root for you Tom.


>Photos of the 1968 Alternate Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson and 1968 Topps uncut sheet courtesy of METS 360
> I'd like to thank My Man From Topps, batmagadanleadoff of the CPF, a great source for Topps information.
> Alpineinc of Behind The Bag & Baseball Fever has been an invaluable source for Mets photographs. Thank you sir.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>mfc CELEBRATES NEW YEARS!!

Another year over, a new one just begun...
Happy New Years Everyone!!!

2014 has come and gone.The future looks bright for the Mets. I'm not whipping out my shades just yet though. I understand that without an additional power/production bat New York will once again be underdogs. That's fine with me.
 If it were only that simple.

 Lets take stock of what we have as of the last day of 2014.

I present a New Years special:
The New York Mets 2015 opening day lineup (subject to all kindsa changes) Topps '15 design style.

 I think I have to hold a real '15 Topps card in my hand before passing judgement, but they look pretty damn cool. I hope these wet your whistle for the 2015 Topps cards. They should pop sometime in Febuary. These can be considered mfc T'15 mini's.

 1) Juan Lagares: We all know what an amazin' fielder he is. We need him to get on base a lot. We should find out what kind of bat he has in 2015.

 2) Curtis Granderson: We need Grandy to improve his numbers at least just a tad and not be so ridiculously streaky.

 3) David Wright: The captain needs to step up & take command. We gotta get back to the post season at least one more time before Wright's star starts to fade. He needs to return to his career norms to show that the fade has not yet begun.

 Photo of David Wright by Kathy Kmonicek

 4) Lucas Duda: Was last seasons power numbers a fluke? I don't think so. Duda comes into his own in 2015. We're going to see 40 HRs from the Dude if he can stay in the lineup. He has to improve against lefties. And relax Lucas, you've made the grade.

I said relax!

5) Michael Cuddyer: If Cudd does anymore than expected, which isn't much, he will be a great pick up. If he can pump out 20 homers and drive in 60 or more, we'll be in damn good shape. I think he and Wright being such good friends will count for something. 
If he has a banner year we don't need no stinkin' new shortstop.

6) Daniel Murphy: Am I the only one who didn't want to trade Muffy this off season? I know he shows flashes of stupidity on the bases and is sometimes weak in the field, but this guy belongs on a winning Mets team if there's any winning to be done. 
He'll have his best season all around in 2015, if he stays healthy.

 7) Travis d'Arnaud: Travis has to show better defense behind the plate and at the plate he will become a doubles machine in 2015. If Plawecki advances at a fast pace, we could have an interesting problem on our hands.

8) Wilmer Flores: Will Wil Flores be our shortstop? Certainly looks like it at this point. I'm okay with Flores at SS even though you, Wilmer, are the weakest link.
Good day.

 9) Matt Harvey: Talk has it that Harvey will be saved for the home opener on April 13th. We play 6 games on the road before that so I'm a little confused. Until there is official word I'll have him in the pitchers slot.

 Will Harvey bounce back from TJ surgery? So many of our eggs are in his basket. In 2015 he's got to be as great as he thinks he is. Time to walk the walk Mattman.


There are important factors at work this upcoming season that could make or break us. Many things will have to go our way to be successful in 2015.
These are my main concerns:


Matt, we didn't need to see your ass but we do need to see your arm (doing what it does). It's all down to you, and I believe that's just the way you like it.                                       

 Dave, for years I pictured a day when you and Reyes would be hoisting up the World Series trophy together. I'll have to settle for just you.


 Zack, you got good stuff. Use it!

                Wilmer, ankle weights!

 Jacob, you made every Mets fan very proud by winning Rookie Of The Year Award. Can you continue developing and become an elite pitcher? Will your next award be a Cy?
Oh, BTW, don't cut your hair. We fans need something to grab onto.


Travis, I'm not worried about your hitting. You'll do fine there. Work on your catching. Too many balls are getting by you. 


Mr. Cuddyer, nice to meet you.
What can you do for us?
This question is rather crucial. If you have a good year, we all have a good year.


  Mejia, if you're going to do all that dancing on the field you better make like Matt and walk the walk. 
Parnell, you can step up and take the spot as closer. They say you get first shot. Don't believe em.
The rest of you, please, do your job.


Kevin Burkhardt moved on to what I hope are greener pastures for him. 
He's a great guy, isn't he guyz? 


A last goodbye.



2015 starts now!