Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 mfc Captain Clutch walkoff GIFcard! And bad stuff about Matt Harvey :(

I haven't had time to write up the Milwaukee series yet. I was able to get one GIFcard completed. David Wright with the walk off on Saturday! I wish I had thought of Captain Clutch when I was making the card. I like this new design for the GIFcards. I can get more image in this way. You can see I was going in this direction with the Conforto. I should redo the Conforto because that little cut out looks crappy.

Look at that swing! 
So The Captain with the walk off. And the 3 run kaBOOM vs. the Nats! Good stuff! But there's also been bad stuff. Matt Harvey....

 I made a card for "before the game". Ha, what a nut. ;)
In a game we all wanted him to get back on track in he fell off the rails. He looked okay to start but gave up 2 boomers in the fourth and hit that fifth inning wall. This is tough to see. Must be worse to go through it.

We have an eve and a day and a nickname.
He's gotta make a comeback!
After the game Matt left without facing the press. Very bad. Or sad. He always at least owns up after a bad outing.

Jeez, I never expected to feel bad for nightlife lovin' model datin' nude posin' Matt Harvey. How the mighty have fallen. I feel for him. I'm in the Matt Harvey Supporter Group.

From 2013
I think he makes it thru this eventually. His numbers are VERY similar to Strasburg's the year after TJ surgery ( Ronnie and the SNY booth showed that last night). He's going to have to go to Vegas and work this out. It's my feeling that Matt's got to get back to 2013 shape and weight. The business about using extra weight to pitch, save that for when you're older. That will probably happen naturally.

Remember when The Dark Knight could pick and choose where to rehab? Those days are over and this will test his character. We thought we knew what he was made of but we didn't. We will find out now. 

Don't forget we have Wheeler back sometime in July if he's still on schedule.

Ya know, with Duda, sometimes a temporary back ailment is just that. Wrights situation has us spooked. I think we see Lucas back before July and fine.

Wilmer Flores just started rehab, and he had a couple of hits in his game last night. He should be back Friday. Flores could step up and be big. It's a great opportunity here and has risen to the occasion more than once in orange and blue. I have faith in Flores. 

De Aza is taking ground balls at first. I hear that Conforto might. Right away I rooted for Conforto to first but I was in panic mode. I still like the thought of Conforto as our first baseman (and not just temporarily) for a number of reasons but to pull that on him mid-season may be a bit much.

My hopes are that Flores steps up and forces me to make another one of those Mets Magic Cards. And Duda will be back in three weeks tops and this back problem was an isolated incident.

No comment. Except to say I did go on record saying that Muffy was going to come back and bite us on the ass.
New guy Ty Kelly looked out of his element at the plate tonight, overmatched, shaking his head like he was in a nightmare. 3Ks and a ground out to end his first MLB game. He was. He was also facing Steven Strasburg at his 2016 best. He was ripping it up in the minors and I hope he sees better days, and soon. He will get a card.

What's the deal with the other Matt? Was he called up just to bunt and ride the pine?

Eric Campbell whipped a homer. Maybe he gets a little streak going. Even the most average ballplayers sometime's do this. Come on Campy! We could use a hot streak. So could you.

If they get Loney for nothing, fine, I've always liked the player.
Spell correct wants that^ to say "If they get Money for nothing..". 
And our chicks for free?

Matz today for the rubber game.

Lets Go Matz!

 And don't be giving up on Matt Harvey!

Did you hear what Ronnie said about Harvey cupping the ball? Did you see the replay? Look at how loosely Matt's holding the baseball in all these images above. There is a difference.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sneak Peek- mfc CONFORTO .GIFcard

More to come for this series sweep of the Brewers. There will be additional .GIFcards for the Cespedes HR and the Captain Wright walkoff. Also Season Set highlight cards with Thor and Cabrera. I'll have it up ASAP.

Look at that swing.


David Wrights walk off was much needed, by us as well as him.
 Let's Go Mets.


This is an oldie but goodie. From 2013:


Friday, May 20, 2016

Trouble at the mfc mill?

Graham Chapman:                  Trouble at mill.
Carol Cleveland:      Oh no - what kind of trouble?
Graham Chapman: One on't cross beams gone owt askew on treadle.
Carol Cleveland:                                   Pardon?

Yep, there's trouble at the mill folks. 
I was hoping for at worst 2 out of 3 against Washington and I got 1 win. It beats being swept, but still, baseball, you're a beeeatch. I'm not going to dump on the Mets or Harvey here. In baseball these things happen. Great teams play horrible, good pitchers hit bumps. Sometimes you're cruising along in an Cadillac Eldorado and suddenly the chrome hubcaps fall off and you brace yourself because the think the wheels are next. You've heard the other similar saying and just like life, baseball happens.

The concerns I have for our captain I don't want to get into right now. I'll give that some time to play out. One potential disaster at a time please. 

As far as Harvey goes I can only hope to relieve your anxiety and give you a little laugh.

I wouldn't have been surprised,..I even half expected one of our possible future star pitchers to hit a bump, or even go down, but I didn't expect it to be The Dark Knight.

 I'm not giving up on him though. I think he's in a lull. I consider this a bump. I really hope it is anyway. To a graphic guy The Dark Knight is like what Donald Trump is to a comedian.

I thought Matt's problem was stamina and arm slot. Now I'm not so sure. His velocity is down but it's fine. 94-96 mph is fine until he gets up to snuff. And if it's gonna be 96 tops then work on getting more movement and learn how to pitch like Bartolo Colon, with finesse.

What will happen? Gah! This is an unexpected twist to the 2016 season. And what's the problem?
I don't know. Maybe it's just a simple thing....

 Brewers Up Next. 
Bounce back time!
Lets Go Matz!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

mfc 2016 Mets Season Set-Series One- January to April,2016

mfc commercial 2016
Narrated by special guest James Earl Jones!
(of Field Of Dreams, in his Arby's voice):

"What's this I see?! Oh my. Is that a box?! 
full fresh box of Mets Fantasy Cards Wax Packs? 
I must have a wax pack!
Wouldn't you want a wax pack?"

"A wax pack! A glorious wax pack! Forty-one cents, a very odd yet affordable price! Oh, the joy!  A kid could buy two packs with a buck! And it's got delicious gamey gum that smells otherworldly. From the 1970's, it's mfc RELIC GUM™! There are Metropolitan pictures and puzzles and posters! What's this?!? There's even a contest!  

 "Mets Fantasy Cards, fantasizing in the field of digital baseball cards since 2002. That's 14 years! That's a magic number for the Mets! No wonder the cosmos have aligned to make this the number one........
whatever the hell it is!"

 Mets Fantasy Cards, you are insane!
Rip open a pack !"
I've created and shared 72 2016mfc Mets Season Set cards from January to the end of April. This does not count the Futurama(20)  & World Series cards(55 cards so far- I haven't started on game 5). These will be considered 2016 mfc Series One cards.

That's a lot of cards for only just getting past April. The entire 2015 mfc Season Set consisted of approximately 225 cards. I expect this set to be a bit bigger. How big, I don't know. They do the stuff, I make the cards. I plan on one World Series game for each series of cards released and there should be 3 or 4 series total.Of course every player on the Mets 2016 roster will eventually get a regular issue mfc card. Even Montero (btw, PCL & Mets Minors Pitcher of the Week). The bulk of the set will be season highlight cards and special cards.

Lets relive the month of April as we wait for the biggest and most important series of the season, so far. What's that I see?

This is a long post but mostly visual. 
Get a snack at your own discretion.


The Player Cards (regular issue) [10]

The first thing that happened was Cuddyer stepped down.

And when the season started Walker stepped up.

Our pitching has been strong led by Noah and deGrom. It was one year ago last Thursday (5/12) that Syndergaard made his MLB debut. His stats come in at: 31 starts; 12-9; 3.07 ERA; 1.04 WHiP; 221 K / 40 BBs.

Also it was two years ago Sunday (5/15) that deGrom made his MLB debut: 58 starts; 26-15; 2.60; 1.06; 372 K / 89 BB.

Not too shabby.

When all the cards are the same team and one design, it ruins one of the most enjoyable things from when I was a kid: Card flipping or "colors". So I added a small strip of color to the borders for fans of card flipping. I started adding that a few weeks ago. Those here w/o colors will be "wild cards".

Sometimes I went with an autograph on the card and sometimes I didn't. I should be more consistent with that and I should update those that don't have one, or remove it from the ones that do. The hard part might be finding a copy of a Dan Warthen signature. Current players should be easy.

I'm not much into autographs. As a kid I was and if you read this blog you'll know that Jerry Grote verbally traumatised me at a young age and that was the end of that. 
*Waves fist at sky & yells: "GROOOOOTE!"

But they sure do look nice on baseball cards.

This whole site and the mfc cards were made with kids in mind. Today's generation of kids are losing touch with baseball. Maybe affordable baseball cards would help. Maybe a place where they can learn a baseball teams history in a fun way can help. I hope so.

Everything I do here is pretty much for the child in all of us.


Includes 5 GIFcards

Remember how awful the season opener was? 
Me neither.

 The start to Thor's 2016 season has been a wonderful thing to behold. This guy goes to the head of the class. 

My plan to make one GIFcard per game lasted all of two games. I love GIFcards but they are time consuming so I'll stick to making those on special occasions.

Walker made April an exciting month by surprising us time after time with the long ball. Murphy is missed ( and doing pretty good himself, which is great) but Walker slid right in and used his bat to say: 
"I'm your second baseman now, look at me, I'm good!"
And how quickly Murphy becomes a thing of the past. 
That's baseball folks.

The many headed beast.
A good and resilient pen is a must if we are to keep contending, and so far so good. Terry rides 'em like horses sometimes but I think he wants to know how far they can go now, so he's pushing them a little bit. They are responding (although he may have found out Robles limit the other night). There will be bumps, meltdowns and such, but I hope that's kept to a minimum. If Terry uses the pen properly we could get through the season not needing any additional help there later on. That not only would be nice, but could be crucial if we need to add in other areas. Looking at our front line and our depth I don't see any weak spots.
Hey you Eric Cambell haters. Cut it out. He's alright.

OUCH! I just looked at his numbers. But I have faith that when we really need Campy he will come through (if he's still here to do so). Us fans dragging him over the coals is not helping.

I predict Eric will do something HUGE before the all star break (hey, maybe in this series with the Nats!) to make him worthy of a 2016 mfc card.

Home Opener 

Before "The HOME RUN!"
there was "The CATCH!"
The home run card will be in series two.

And this was a beaut. 
Nice to see Lags looking like Lags again.

Conforto? There's no time nor space for what I have to say so lemme just say we are ridiculously fortunate to be witnessing the start of this young mans career. A lefty with pop who can rake like Keith? We are going to love this guy.

The Captain got us by that night, and yea, his 2nd jack gave me a bit of a buzz.

I couldn't go with Back to Back Jacks after Wright's Captain Jack. It wouldn't be proper. It says so in chapter three of my new book, The Art Of Baseball Card Captioning (Doubleday,$14.41)

I heard talk of a Granderson slump but I have seen him hit the ball hard all April. Just right at people sometimes. Slump shrump.

Like Conforto (and same with Thor, deGrom, & Harvey), a pleasure to watch the beginnings of Matz's career. The recent arm soreness is concerning but I think Matz will be fine (updated report: no ligament damage).
Damn, these are good days to be a Mets fan.

I'm starting to think Cespedes lets balls near the gap drop on purpose so he can throw the runner out at second. 

Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself. The Yoenis THROW'EMOUT GIFcard will be coming up in series two of the mfc Mets Season Set which will cover May to July.

Wright can still hit but can he play third? He still has an amazing glove (& bare hand) but his arm has not been looking good on throws to first. And he hardly ever throws overhanded anymore. I hope he figures this out because it's sad to see him experiencing this type of problem when his team is competing. 

When David Wright is given a World Series ring, if that should happen before he retires, it will be one of my happiest moments as a Mets fan. I always thought Wright and Reyes would lead us to the big show but that wasn't meant to be. You can't say they weren't trying because the Wilpons & our GM(s) acquired some excellent players like Beltran, Delgado, Pedro, etc. 
I don't pin things on a manager unless they really stink out loud. That's a tough gig.

It just wasn't meant to be. It would be nice if at least Wright got a ring with the Mets.

I repeat: RAKES!

Gratz to deGrom :)

Record Breakers for April (10)

A crazy amount but, hey, they break records, I make the cards. It's what I do. I'm am getting a little tired of it, though. Like that Dunkin Donuts guy, every other day it was like ugh...time to make the record breakers.

Ha! Kidding. I'll make these all year! Keep breaking records you wacky go nutty Mets.

No more yakin'. The RB cards speak for themselves.

^@The Sadecki Spot

^I call this "The Mets Fantasy Inning". 
As soon as the ball left Cespedes's bat, I was like I don't believe this!


^@The Sadecki Spot


Special Insert Cards(25)

Ha! What a wacky set. 10 regular issue player cards and 25 insert cards. That's gonna be like 12 insert cards a pack! My plan is to turn the world of insert cards inside out.

Actually ten special cards a pack would be pretty kool. But literally not too special.

The New York Mets present day outfield, and a few from the past. Thanks go out to Mr. Edward Hoyt for tracking down some of these photos for me.

                                        ^@The Sadecki Spot

The In Action design might be growing on me.

Gary said on air the other night it has been 28 years. Sorry about that Garr. ^ERROR CARD ALERT!

^Ugly card alert!
The uni, not Mex.


^@The Sadecki Spot.Well,duh.

This is a boxCard. It's pictured on the bottom of the wax box. You cut it out and you have a sUpErSiZeD Dark Knight thing for your wall!





Rest in pieces.

For all the game one World Series Cards: 

2015 mfc World Series Cards • Mets @Royals, Game One. Better get a snack.

All the World Series cards have not been released as of yet. I'll be posting one game per card series. Game two will be in series two.


The top of the mfc wax box says pocket sized poster but that is incorrect. I'll have to talk to whoever printed that up...DOH!

It's a pocket puzzle. It's big, but it folds down to the size of a card (or folds out from the pack) and you can put it in your pocket until it eventually separates at the seams like they always used to.


Metropolitan Fans Of The Month(4)

 If a fan does something I admire,respect, or enjoy I will make a card for them. Because Mets fans are the best.




Special insert fan rookie card!


All the Blernsball cards were displayed in one post, and you can view them here:




Additional Graphics

I do colorizations and photo restoration for a fee. I specialize in baseball. I charge a penny a pixel. Seriously. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me.

Lets Go Mets!

I hope reliving April pumps us up to where we need to be to sweep the Nats (2 of 3 is also acceptable). I don't think this series could break us but I do think it can make us.

And also, Vin Scully For President!!!


Julie Jacobson, Frank Franklin II, Mike Strobe, Anthony Gruppuso, Rich Schultz, Kathy Willens, Kevin C. Cox, John Amis, Erik S. Lesser, Bill Streicher, Jason Getz, Butch Dill, Scott Cunningham, Sharon Chapman, Lori M. Nichols, Tim Hawk, John Munson, Andrew Mills, Denny Medley, Anthony J. Causi, USTSI, SNY.

Gifs courtesy of Metsgifs, GIFbaseball, and HarveydeGrom , all via tumblr.