Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun with baseball cards.

I have been messing around making Met baseball cards ever since I got a graphic art program for my PC. In 2002 I made a complete digital card set for the Mets 40th anniversary that I gave out as Christmas gifts to my brothers, all die hard Met fans.

 These cards were a semi-tribute to the 1971 Topps set which was the first set of baseball cards I ever completed. The Met net set was designed to cover all 40 years of Mets history.

  Since then every once in awhile I have some fun making cards. In 2006 I made a series of cards following the Mets post season games. These were posted during the games at the Crane Pool Forum, a great place to hangout online and watch the game with other Met fans.

This new project was influenced by the awesome blog CARDS THAT NEVER WERE as well as the sweet baseball cards that Ben Grimm creates for Crane Pool Forum.
Benjamin Grimm's 1974 Heilman. If you look at this and feel like it's kinda like a work of art, as I do, then you should enjoy this blog.

 This card above is from Cards That Never Were. Its the best fan-card I've ever seen. This guy does amazing work. He doesn't do enough Mets though. So I'll pick up the slack and create Met baseball cards the way they ought to be.

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