Saturday, August 24, 2013

More 1962 Mets

Just a few more 1962 fantasy cards. These weren't made for any particular reason. Well, there is (once again) the choice of the picture used by Topps, which was an airbrushed rehash of an old Stengel picture from when he managed the Yankees. Weak. Here are two fantasy Stengels and a Richie Ashburn.

I would have made more but I see others out there with some great 1962 Topps fantasy cards.
When I went searching for images to use I ran into some custom cards that pretty much cover anything I would have created. As a matter of fact, I had planned on using an awesome photo of Casey Stengel that I see has already been memorialized in fantasy. Its a great and perfect choice for a card but "ortforshort" got dibs, so I used a different Casey pic for the card above.

_______"ortforshort's" Amazin' Casey^

This card was made by "ortforshort" and is displayed at Out Of The Park Baseball 14. "Ortforshort's" fantasy Stengel tops mine by a long shot. That card is the ultimate Met Stengel. "Ortforshort" does some great fantasy card work and his '62 Mets are awesome. Most photos used are rare, at least to me. "Ortforshort" also does some masterful colorization work.

BOBw's cards are here and they are amazin'.
Another Bob, Bob Lemke, might be considered the grandpappy of fantasy sports cards. He's been doing this for many years and his works are top notch.
You can visit his blog here:
I have mentioned the site CARDS THAT NEVER WERE before. My favorite for its innovational creations.

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