Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Fantasy Gil

Lets take a trip back in time to 1962, the Mets very first year of existence. It's time to right a few Topps wrongs. One was the picture they used for Gil Hodges regular issue card. The picture they chose to use was awful. So I'll fix that with Gil's fantasy '62 Topps card.

Topps Gil
Fantasy Gil

Another glaring omission was that there was no card to commemorate National League baseball returning to New York City. This was a big story and certainly deserved some kind of notice in the '62 set. But no special card was made to reflect this event. If Topps did make one, I imagine it would have looked something like the one here. Gil Hodges of the Brooklyn and L. A. Dodgers returns to New York and is embraced by Met fans.


  1. Never liked that '62 Gil card much....big improvement.

  2. Hey Doug.They make you jump thru so many hoops to comment here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

  3. Warren--would love to contact you privately RE: Gil and the quest for the Hall of Fame. Can you email me? billium at ?