Saturday, August 31, 2013

The 1963 Mets Fantazy Cards



  1. Hi Warren,
    Once again I must say great job!
    I look forward every day to see what new card you made
    You really help long suffering Mets fans get through a bad season by
    Reminding us why we are fans and keep us interested.
    I also know its hard work and we do appreciate it.
    By the way the Phil Linz 63' card (is that a fantasy card,because I thought
    He didn't play for the Mets until 1967 I believe)
    Or could it possibly be al Moran pictured as the background
    Looks like polo grounds not Shea

    Merry Christmas and Happy and healthy New Year

  2. Thanks for the compliment Patrick. Glad you enjoy em.

    Phil Linz: Ha! You are correct sir! UMDB says 67-68. My fantasy does not include moving Linz through time so I will correct that. Thank you for pointing it out. Making the cards themselves is pretty quick work. It's the research and the fact-checking that takes most of the time, and I do want this to be accurate. I'm not gonna say this is easy but it's more time consuming than anything else.

    Now that Linz card- I was going under the assumption that was the Polo Grounds so that was a '62-'63 Met. And no uni number on front. And I figured that was a 2nd baseman but it looks like he's coming to cover from the SS side, so I was probably wrong there too.

    Ron Hunt was my first thought but it doesn't look like him imo. It could be Moran. Could be Rod Kanehl. I'd be very happy if that was Kanehl cause I can't find any decent color pics of him. Can't tell.

    I'll figure you are right until proven otherwise and it'll be Al Moran. And for your contribution, if you give it a look, you're now part of the card :)

    Hey, I'm getting a lil excited about this season coming up now that we got Grandy and Colon. Lil bit. Wild card? It is possible. Jeeze, anythings possible in baseball. If we stand pat and Davis and Tejada can even be average we have a damn decent team. Imagine if they are a lil better. Lil bit?

    Thanks again for the help.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for including me on one of your cards Very Cool!
    By the way regarding research UMDB is great but gives
    You a lot of info by year and player and has a lot of
    Rare photos of players.
    Hooray? way actually signed a couple of real major leaguers for a change
    Maybe we will be respectable this upcoming season and by the way I prefer
    We keep Davis and trade Duda ( at last Davis can field the position and
    I think he can regain his stroke )

    Thanks again,

  4. I'll check out I love baseball sites and when I get there I get lost in looking.

    I am very aware of and the awesome work done there. The "rarity" factor is right up there with stuff I see on I joined the site (IIRC-I have run into so many kool sites doing this project) and did find many Met photos there. They do fantastic colorizations and usually have great hi-rez images that they share. All very talented people there. I'm a big fan of Fat Jacks cards and okchochise work. I'm surprised I haven't credited them but it's possible I have not gotten up to the photos from there yet. I know I used a Salty Parker from there but I colorized it myself. They still should get credit tho, it was a great photo. I'll fix that. I have so many Met player pictures now sometimes I lose track of where they came from.

    Hey, glad you like the name on the card bit. I don't want Met fans to just look at this stuff. I want them to become part of it.
    Merry Christmas,