Sunday, September 1, 2013

Remember Wilbur Huckle!

The 1964 Topps set is cosmetically one of my favorites. Plain simple design, bright colors, and for the most part great player portraits. Beautiful cards. The '64 Casey Stengel is one of the best manager cards I've ever seen, Metropolitan or otherwise.
_____________1964 Topps Casey Stengel^
Casey yakin' away on the dugout steps like that is a perfect picture of him. It was so good Topps would use a picture taken during the same sitting on Stengels 1965 Topps card.
_____________1965 Topps Casey Stengel^

I'm not going to get too into the '64 cards. Just a few 1964 cards as we continue to move forward through the years.

Fantazy Duke Snyder, Ron Hunt,
& Mets 1964 Rookie Stars^

>All Met fans know these familiar faces. Wait! What!?
Who's that other guy on Cleon Jone's rookie card?
Why that's Wilbur Huckle. Huckle is an interesting character. He roomed with Tom Seaver in the minor leagues when Tom first joined the Mets. Wilbur appeared on the Met big league club’s regular season roster but never got into a game. He toiled for nine years in the minor leagues, all with the Mets. To me that would be a fantasy but I wonder if it feels that way if you actually do it.

>The great Met fan blog Faith And Fear In Flushing had an excellent article about Huckle recently and you can find it here> [The Wilbur Huckle Appreciation Society].

>Huckle is a member of Keith Olbermann's Bill Sharman Society.(where I found his picture & I thank you)
Remember Wilbur Huckle!

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