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1967 Fantazy Met cards- Tommy Davis to Tom Seaver!

The 1967 Topps set is great in so many ways. If the '66 set was generic looking, like a knock off, the '67 set made up for it in simple coolness. So many great players. Team name nice and big and bright. The real estate afforded the excellent photography was never so large, and I loved this. The choice of hot pink for the Mets though, it looks cool and all but I wish they used a different color.
*^#@*~!>>>>>>>My wish is my command.

____1967 Fantazy Shaun Fitzmaurice X2____

Fitzmaurice gets a card because I found some nice pictures of him. Gets a second card because I needed a guinea pig for the orange METS. He played 9 games for the Mets, managed two hits. A card for each hit. I imagine the clubhouse laundry guy was very happy Shaun didn't spill any coffee on the uniform.

1967 Fantasy Wes Westrum
1967 Fantasy Tommy Davis

______Topps recycled Tommy Davis in 1961 and '69______

Tommie Davis was a great hitter who had an interesting career. In 1962 he batted .346 for the L.A.Dodgers and won the N.L. batting crown. He smacked 27 home runs & drove in 120. He finished third in the MVP balloting, behind teammate Maury Wills (who won) & Willie Mays.

In 1963 he won his second batting title in a row. To date, Davis' back-to-back batting titles are the only two in the Dodgers' Los Angeles history. On May 1, 1965, Davis broke and dislocated his ankle on a slide and was out for the rest of the season. For the 1966 season he batted .313 in limited plate appearances.

After the 1966 season, Davis(along with Derrell Griffith)was traded to the Mets for Ron Hunt and Jim Hickman. He did good, batting .302 with 16 HR and 73 RBIs.

Still, the Mets decided to trade him in 1967, and it ended up being a crucial trade in Met history.

He went to the Chicago White Sox in a six-player deal. Two of the players the Mets got were Tommie Agee and Al Weis. More seeds, more pieces to the puzzle that would make the 1969 miracle Mets. They join Cleon and Buddy :)

Topps called Ed & Rocky Mets Maulers. I never liked that for some reason. Not too fond of Mashers either. I was going to go with Meticulous Mets but I have no idea if these guys were finicky. And there's one of the Millers at Butterball Field, St. Petersburg Florida.

_____________Mets 1966 Team Leaders__________


On an earlier post I said that the ultimate Met rookie card would be a Seaver/Ryan. That's true, but from a card collectors standpoint. From a real Met fans perspective a Koosman/Seaver rookie card would have been the ultimate. Our one two punch that took us to the series twice. If I actually did fantasize about these things I'd conjure up a Koosman/Seaver over a Seaver/Ryan anyday.

When I was making the mfc Koosman/Seaver rookie I first added the photo of Tom and it looked like this before I shrunk it down.

But looking at it like this, I thought, ya know, this is really how the card should look. No disrespect to Jerry, cause I loved him and in those days I was more a fan of his than I was of Seaver. When I came along to the Mets Seaver was their ace and I kinda took him for granted. But the truth is that's how big George Thomas Seaver was to the New York Mets in 1967.

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