Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All Aboard The Kranepool Special! 1962-1974_____(so far)

Climb aboard the Kranepool Special, and follow the track of Ed Kranepools fantazy cards as he travels through his career from the Mets youngest son to the Mets oldest son.

In the 1960's Kranepool fit the Mets perfectly and visa-versa. Almost good, sometimes great & super clutch, never injured. Steady Eddie. And it's cool he ended up riding the tsunami that was the 1969 & 73 Mets to be deposited on the shores of retirement in 1979.

All his fantazy cards will be posted here eventually. And he will get one for each season he played for the team.
I salute you Ed.

There ought to have been a '62 Rookie parade full of Mets!

Eddie played 111 games in the outfield in 1963. Only 20 games at first. Wonder how he looked out there? More importantly, why is that pitcher throwing at him as he poses? His 64 Fantazy card is clean cut, baby.

Ed's so lanky he's falling out of his regular '65 Fantazy card.
So they invented a longer card^
In '66 he had the look of love.
The Krane batted 3rd in the Mets starting line up 52 times in 1965! Ten years later in 1975 he would bat third 33 times.

1968, the look of having just awakened from a nap^ ;)

Yep, Ed's hands were so big they could not be contained by a border.
One of Kranepool's many nick-names.

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  1. The 65 kranepool is wonderful especially with the patch on the jersey and the classic pose as well as Shea looking so good.