Saturday, August 24, 2013

The 1962 Topps Bob " Butterball" Botz Fantazy Card

Bob " Butterball" Botz has the honorable distinction of being the winning pitcher in the very first Metropolitan baseball game ever played in the spring of 1962.
That's interesting in itself but how about this?

The Mets purchased him from the Milwaukee Braves in October of 1961. Then, on April 5th of '62, a week before the season was to start, they returned him!

So after kicking his tires in a few spring outings the Mets were like, "uh, lets return him. That receipt must be around here somewhere."

He was traded by the Braves to the Los Angeles Angels a month later where he pitched in his first and only MLB games. A week before the 1963 season, he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for a relief pitcher named Bob Duliba.

I'm detecting a pattern here that would end right there as far as the record shows. He never again pitched in a major league game.

The cartoon on the card back concerns the infamous Sadecki Spot, which I will get into some other time.
Bob Butterball Botz with the Los Angeles Angels in 1962

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  1. That is fun stuff. As a Mets fan since their inception I love to see this info