Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The 65 Mets Rookies Star Trek Mash up

I've always wondered, if Captain Kirk (the real Kirk, not Newy) and Spock went back in time, ya know, doing the slingshot thing, (probably to go to NASA again), what if they got stuck there for a time through some imaginative plot twist, and had to lay low until Scotty got back with the Enterprise. The plot explains (cause Im not going to) how they know they are stuck in 1965 for a year. So they hang around in Florida looking for work and they have no luck so on a whim they try out for the Mets. And of course they make the team.
>>>>>And are immortalized for all time on a baseball card.

Spock would have to have a first and last name for a baseball card. Initially I thought, yea, Spock would be an Ed. Ed Spock. That sounds right. But then I had that DUH moment where I thought, eureka! It's gotta be MISTER!

I had to do a little photoshoppin to get Kroll to look like Spock, but not that much. I didn't have to do a thing to Hinsley. I think he looks like Chris Pine.
Lil' bit.

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