Friday, October 25, 2013

1969 PLAYOFFS-Game One: Mets vs. Braves in the first N.L.C.S. ever!

Topps did a good job with the '70 post season cards. One for each game. Good pics. Was thrilled when I first saw them.
Wished there were more than one per game and that they were in color.
The 1970 Fantazy '69 Playoffs GAME ONE cards.

Funny thing that the card should say how the Mets pitching needed to be good. It wasn't very. But their hitting came alive against the Braves pitchers. The Braves pitching, after ace Phil Niekro, was shaky. In September the Braves talked 46 year old Hoyt Wilhelm out of retirement to shore up the pen, and he helped close games in the stretch run, but he was not eligible for the post season because he was signed so late in the season. This left the Braves with a very thin bullpen. The Mets, considered a weak hitting team, took advantage.

 Taylor does not get enough
recognition for his contributions
to the '69 miracle.

Hope you have a pair of 3-D glasses^. Every household should have a pair in the junk drawer. Right?

A special thanks to Steve's Baseball Photography Pages for the Boswell Photo.

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