Sunday, September 1, 2013

1964 JFK- A Nation Mourns

Topps would never have done this back then in the 1964 Baseball Card set. Well, the proof of that is that they didn't. Would have been nice though, maybe one card in memory. Of course I over-do it with three

It's not like I noticed that they didn't. Things unrelated to baseball just simply would not be considered in those days. And that was a good thing. I imagine if they did they would have been something like these. They will be added to the '64 fantazy card page.

In 1964 Topps did release a black & white 77 card set about President Kennedy.
This is from Deans Cards:
"The 1964 Topps John F. Kennedy card set consists of 77 standard cards measuring 2½" by 3½". The 1964 Topps John F. Kennedy cards feature important events from the life and political career of John F. Kennedy, the President at the time the set was published."

Now that can't be correct because the assassination took place in 1963, but that's what they say there. Maybe it was designed before his death and was being marketed after. As far as I can see there are no cards in the set acknowledging his death.
I can't say I like these cards. They don't suck though, and they are from 1964.

In more recent times Topps will make cards for just about anything and include it in some of their baseball card sets, and that's a good thing too. Times change. Baseball cards are a much deeper business these days. Here are some cards released more recently. The last one is a Panini.

These cards below claim to have bits of JFK stuff. One says it holds a lil patch of material from one of Kennedy's sweaters. Another a swatch from the black drapery used to cover the Presidents casket as he lay in state. Kool beans. The other claims to contain JFKs DNA, which is true if that really is a strand of his hair. The card is one in a series of cards called "DNA Relics".
They have other presidents and subjects like kings and whatnot. It's kool but also creepy. It's creepy kool.
One says it's a piece of the grassy knoll fence. The fence from 1963? Yea sure, if you say so.


These I threw together since I already made the border. Once you have a blank border making cards is like playing Colorforms. I wanted to see how these photos looked as cards.
First is one of my favorite photos of President Kennedy, with the then young now new Ambassador Kennedy. The one with the kids, again a priceless image. The last is a photoshop I did around 10 years ago for another project dealing with the assassination. These won't be added to the 64' fantazy card page, just figured since I made em I'd share em.


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