Thursday, November 7, 2013

1970 Mets Fantazy Cards

The 1970 Fantazy cards will be getting special treatment for two reasons.

One: well..., WORLD CHAMPIONS! On years the Mets went all the way the entire team roster will get the Z treatment (if possible-some player photos are hard to find).

Two: this was the first year I collected baseball cards on a regular basis. I had in the past, but very sporadically. My 11 year old card budget was devoted more to cards involving T.V. shows (Batman & The Rat Patrol) and whatnot. That all changed with the '69 Mets. I wasn't at all concerned with collecting the entire 1970 Topps set. Completing a whole set seemed unimaginable. My goal was just to get all the Met cards. I don't recall achieving that goal and I think I would remember if I did. I did get all my favorite Mets and it took some serious rounds of card flipping down in the playground as well as some big trades. You'll give me your Tommie Agee card for this stupid Reggie Jackson card? Sure! Great trade :) Of course I'd always rather get the Met card in a pack.
Trying to get all these Met cards was eating up my allowance at an amazing rate so to support my new habit I had to make some money. I was an 11 year old who needed extra income. So I hatched this plan where a few of my friends and I would go down to the Hills supermarket and hang out by the double exit doors. As food shoppers were walking out I'd offer to carry their bags home for them.

This worked very well, though inconsistent. I would get tips of anywhere from a nickle to (once in a blue moon) a dollar. Averaged between one quarter and two quarters, pretty much. Fifty cents could get me four packs (they were 12¢ with tax). I thought that was excellent. I'd carry bags after school for a few hours and then right before running home for dinner, buy as many packs as I could.
Competing with Topps regular cards were the Topps Super Cards(the BIG cards)and I did get all of the Mets in that set. They weren't released in the series format and it was easier because there were only two Mets, Seaver and Agee.



In J.C.Martins card we can see Duffy Dyer waiting patiently in his squat for the photograpgher to get to him. NEXT!



_________Additional Players and special cards_______

A two part puzzle team card. Yea, I just made that up.

Oh, I almost forgot. I promised Ron Hunt a 70 card with the Mets!

Sorry I can't photoshop you a 69 WS ring Mr. Hunt.

Fun Fact: In the fantazy card on the left Ron is wearing Jim Fregosi's mustache from 1972.
Mets Ultimate Database
Getty Images
LIFE Magazine
My brother Wayne for the '69 Mets Yearbook. It was invaluable, thank you.

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