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Merry Christmas : Granderson Met Fantazy Card and #14

___*The 2013 Fantasy UpDate "Blue-Silver Slate" Curtis Granderson ___

I figured I'd be remiss if I didn't give everyone a Fantazy Curtis Granderson Met card for Christmas. Merry Christmas to us all!

Thank you Sandy Claus!
It's a tough gig Sandy. You're doing a good job.

As you can see I chose to use the Daily News photoshop deal that had Granderson wearing number 14.

I don't mean this as a diss to Gil Hodges, for whom the number was rightfully retired. More a shout-out to the Daily News itself. A supposedly reputable New York newspaper! Actually, since 14 was Curtis's number on the Yanks it's an understandable miscue. Still, surprising that no-one picked up on that before it went to press. I have not seen this image on-line. Only in the newspaper itself.^
Granderson will in reality be wearing #3 in 2014 and I hope he wears it well. Here's a relic card I'd love to see:
Using the #14 image of Granderson also makes the post more interesting because I can go over the other 14's in Met history, of which there were precious few.
Gil, of course, issued #14 on his return to New York in 1962. He wore the number all his days with the Brooklyn and LA Dodgers.

In 1965 Ron Swoboda wore #14. He changed over to #4 in 1966 when Ken Boyer came aboard and remained #4 for his days as a Met. When he went to the Expos in 1970 Ron chose once again to wear 14. Very cool. Hard to find photos with Ron/#14 so I will use Swoboda's actual Topps 1966 baseball card, which is the finest shot I've seen of him in 14.

Third baseman Ken Boyer was #14 for 10 very productive years with the St. Louis Cardinals. He smacked 32 home runs in 1960 and most seasons topped .300 in batting average. Ken also led the N.L. with 119 RBI as recent as 1964, winning the M.V.P. award. Two years later in 1966 he became #14 for the Mets and was only able to muster up 61 RBI, batting .266. Not awful (he led the team in doubles with 28) but indications that his career was wrapping up. In 1966 he hit 14 homers.
When Gil Hodges returned to the Mets in 1968 there was no question what uniform number he would wear. And no-one has worn it since.
Make note of this New York Daily News.
Curtis Granderson will wear uniform number 3 next season. Who were the other Mets to wear this number?
Learn all about the Mets by the numbers at METS BY THE NUMBERS.

Update for future posts: Additions to the 60's section will include the following:
1) A Tom Seaver / Jerry Koosman page (the 71,72's will probably be posted first).
2) Fantazy cards for each Met opening day line-up 62-70.
3) Once again John Hogan from my favorite fan card site Cards That Never Were has given me a great idea.
Mets leaders for all seasons!
I'm not sure how I'm going to do this. Making them like the Topps cards from that year make for a funny card when you see the numbers. Lil' bit. Especially in following years when the team leader had 16 & less.
But if I just show the leader alone it doesn't look right.
He looks lonely.
I'll probably go with the group type.
The image of Ron Swoboda on the Expos is an image colorized and provided by Fat Jack of

A special Merry Christmas to my brothers and my entire family!

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