Sunday, December 15, 2013

Neglected Mets Pt.1- Mardie Cornejo (1979) / Phil Mankowski (1980)

During the break I'm still making cards when time permits. The 1971 and '72 Fantazy Cards are well underway.

In the meantime I'm going back over the 60's and wrapping that decade up. A few additions have been added to the 1963 Met Fantazy Cards as well as other existing pages.

I normally would not jump to later years but in this case I'm sending a few cards out to Born In Brooklyn. These are two Mets he suggested that never were given Met baseball cards by Topps.
Neglected Mets no more!
These will be included in the 1979 and 1980 Fantazy card pages when we get there.

Born In Brooklyn
appears on the banner behind Mardie. Thanks for the contribution Born In Brooklyn and have a Merry Christmas.

PS to Born In Brooklyn:
Still working on finding photos of the others and if you want to expand your list to beyond "etc" I will expand the search. If the corresponding borders are not the years you prefer (these could fall under any border between 1978 and 1983, I figure) they can be changed.

Lets start getting pumped for 2014: Lets Go Mets!

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  1. Do you use software to get your templates to be just the right size. I want to get a card of Cornejo along with several more that I have done but can't figure out how to know that I am printing the exact correct size. Also do you have software that allows you to print 2 sided? Thank You.