Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Segment One: Mets Fantazy Cards 1962-1970

This wraps up The Mets / 1962-1970, the first segment of the "Mets Baseball Cards The Way They Ought To Be" project.

I will be taking a break and will pick this up with The Mets / 1971-1979 in early 2014. In the meantime I will continue to fill out and complete the 62-70 section.
I'm kinda doing things bassakwards as far as a blog goes but eventually this will take the shape of a cool little time tunnel through Met history with fake baseball cards. If you see any errors in the information accompanying the cards please contact me. No point in doing this if I don't get it right.

Those who have contacted me here and through Email with comments and encouragement I'd like to thank you very much. Your feedback is important to me. I want this to be seen by fellow Met fans, baseball & baseball card fans, other card artists, and it's kinda thrilling that it has.

I'm very happy and a lil excited about Granderson coming on board. Lil' bit. Hey, maybe this season coming up I can start living in the Mets present instead of their past.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

Here's a peek at the '71s:

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