Monday, September 16, 2013

1965 Met Fantazy Card Opening Day Line-up

An April 12th, 1965 the Mets opened the season at Shea for the first time. It didn't effect their luck however, as they were victims of Don Drysdale who pitched a complete game. The Mets did plate a run but lost to the Dodgers by a score of 6-1.
As read by Ralph Kiner:

"Well hi everybody I'm Ralph Kiner along with Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson bringing you Mets baseball. Today is opening day of the 1965 season, and a beautiful day it is. New York will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers here at Shea stadium. Casey Stengel's opening day line-up for the New York Mets:

Leading off for the Mets and playing Center Field-
Playing shortstop and hitting second-
Batting third the right fielder-
In the clean-up spot and playing 1st base is New York hometown favorite-
The left fielder-
will be batting 5th followed by third baseman-
The second baseman-
Will bat 7th. Batting 8th today is the catcher-
and on the mound for the Mets pitching his second opening day start-"


David Rothenberg
from facebook for the Bobby Klaus picture. Thanks also for the daily birthday notices.

"Batmagsleadoff" of the CPF for the Chris Cannizzaro picture and for spotting an error card, "Al Cowan".

You will find either your initials or your name on the card. When I do this I don't really want it to distract from the card, so I try and blend it in somehow, so it's there if you look for it, but it doesn't stand out. I do this to show how much I appreciate and promote people sharing with each other online.

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