Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1966 Met Fantazy Card Opening Day Line-up

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Bob Murphy bringing you Mets baseball. Today is opening day of the 1966 baseball season and the Mets will be facing Hank Aaron and the Atlanta Braves here at Shea Stadium. Now for the starting line-up for the 1966 New York Mets.

Leading off for the Mets to start the season will be-
Batting second and playing second base is-
Playing third and batting third for the Mets is all-star-
Batting clean-up is the first baseman-
followed by the left fielder-
Batting sixth and playing rightfield, Rocky-
Doing the catching for the Mets and batting seventh-
Batting eighth, the shortstop-
And batting ninth, starting his first opening day for the Mets, the pitcher-
I've been very surprised at most of the Met opening day line-ups.
Mr. Rothenberg, again. Thank you sir, you initials are on a bench way behind Dick Stuart.


  1. Fantastic memories seeing the 1966 opening day lineup. My first game at Shea was July 31 1966, a birthday gift for my 13th. Bob Shaw wins 2-1 (complete game) battled Bill Hands and the Cubs. So awesome to see Ken Boyer at 3B and Bob Shaw pitch an awesome game. First play of the game Adolpho Phillips hits a flyball to left. Larry Elliot loses it in the sun. Phillips makes it all the way to second. Elliot throws to the cutoff man Eddie Bressoud who relays over to 1Bman Ed Kranepool for an appeal play. Phillips is out for not touching firstbase. I have always been a fan of low scoring games so a 2-1 Mets win was a great birthday present.

    1. I love your recollections Mike. I didn't get into the Mets until 1969ish so I have no real Mets memories of these early days. Your memories flesh it out nicely.

  2. BTW. 1966 was the year that Sunoco gas stations gave away Mets tumblers (Cups) with a gas fill-up. I have 10 of them in my collection.

  3. Trivia question - Does anyone remember the name of Dick Stuart's short-lived pregame show in 1966? Clue- His name was part of the title and it involved fans chosen from the Shea stands asking him a baseball question.

    1. I am totally amazed and floored that Stuart even had a pre-game show. Amazin'.

      Stuart In The Stands? Ask Dick Anything?