Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1971 Met Fantazy Card Opening Day Line-up.

To look at the picture in the card you'd think opening day 1971 was a good day for a ballgame. It wasn't (the above image is of a Pirates/Mets game. I tried to change the Pirates to Expos but you can't even tell).

This opening day was horrible. Snow, hail, wind and rain fell on this day. The game was delayed but eventually did get started. The contest was called in the 5th, much to everyone's relief. Tom Seaver made the start and went all 5 for the win as the Mets won their first opening day at Shea Stadium in the teams history by a score of 4-2.
Tommie had 1 hit in 3 trips and an RBI this opening day. His single in the 2nd (he was thrown out by Expos center-fielder Boots Day trying to stretch it into a double) drove in Jerry Grote. Agee struck out his other two plate appearances.
Buddy walked, stole a base, and then scored in the first. He would go 0 for 2.
Cleon went 0 for 3 with one strikeout today.
Art had a hit and a walk in 2 official trips to the plate. He was intentionally walked in the first inning and lined a single in the 5th.
Donn had a nice opening day. He had 2 hits in 3 at bats, drove in a run and scored another. He was out trying to stretch a single in the first (Boots Day again) in which he drove in the games first run. Then he doubled to lead off the 4th.
Kenny only came to the plate twice and his sac moved Clendenon over in the 4th. He was 0 for 1.
Bob was in the middle of the action on this opening day. He reached on error and singled, scored a run and drove one in.
Jerry had a perfect debut in '71. In 2 at bats he had a single & a double, an RBI & run scored.
Tom pitched a fine game in deplorable conditions. He won his first game of the year going 5 innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits, striking out 4 and walking 4.

>Ken Boswell's cardback comment- Mike Bender of SABR
>Art Shamsky's cardback comment- Eric Aron of SABR
>The photo on the back of Art Shamsky's card is from a 1970 cover of BAZAAR magazine. He is pictured with actress Lauren Hutton.

Note: For the 1971 Opening Day line-up cards I included card backs. I did this because the '71 Topps card backs are one of the less complicated ones as far as stats go. Using the 1971 stats on the '71 style card backs is done intentionally. The card numbers are, of course, the players uni number.

Card backs are very time consuming to make so I don't plan on doing them again (aside from special cases like post season cards). I really do like how they came out though, and how they look in the line-up page format, so if there's a big demand (which I don't see happening) I'll reconsider. The card backs also keep me on topic because there's no room for me to ramble on and on and on like I sometimes do. Yikes, like I'm doing right here.

The KING OF CARD BACKS is easily Bob Lemke who does a very informative and entertaining card blog.

Pictured above is one of Mr. Lemkes freakin beautiful card backs.

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