Thursday, September 26, 2013

1966 Mets Leaders / 1967 Mets Fantazy Cards

_______________The 1966 Mets Team Leaders______________

The picture of Ron Hunt is from Steve's Baseball Photography. The background has been changed to protect his innocence. Ha. I kid. I have him appear at Jarry Park in Montreal. My go-to background for on the road Mets is usually the great Wrigley Field. Thought I'd switch it up.

Ed, again? Bravo Mr. Kranepool! I had no idea you led the team in homers twice.

What can I say about the other Ed? Hmmm.
Mr. Bressoud- in 1966 you were #1 on my scorecard.

The ERAs on these guys were not horrible, especially compared to current day pitcher stats. But these were different times.

Sandy Koufax led the majors with a 1.73 ERA.

Al Jackson, who was traded from the Mets to the Cardinals (he would return to the Mets in '68), had an ERA of 2.51. He still lost a lot of games, going 13-15.

26 MLB pitchers had a better ERA than Dennis Ribant's 3.20. But to Met fans, 3.20 was all-star material. It was respectable. Compared to Met pitchers 1962 through 1965 a 3.20 ERA was buzzworthy.

All this would change next season. A young man from Fresno California would lead the Mets to new pitching heights and would be a real bonafide all-star, closing the 1967 ASG.

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