Saturday, December 7, 2013

1969 Mets Team Leaders / 1970 Fantazy Cards

This was a tough year to pick leaders for. It shouldn't be. There should be solid qualifications. But certain contributions deserve to be recognized.

For instance, both Boswell and Shamsky were important ingredients in the awesome sauce that Gil Hodges was cooking up. But they both played in just only over 100 games, at 100 (Art with 303 at bats) & 102 (Ken with 362 at bats) in 1969.

I initially thought only Agee & Jones should be on the card. But then I had a little debate with myself as to why Bozz and Art should be included.

Great thing about this hobby is I really don't have to agonize over such things. I'll make em' both. You decide.

Tommie with 26 whack-a-molies. Thats respectable. Shamsky, regardless of games played, would have to make this card since he was 2nd on the team in HRs (this is what started the BATTING LEADERS debate). So in a way, Art speaks for himself gets Boswell and himself just due on the batting leaders card.
Pitching, again a tough gig. We have Seaver & Koosman, no problem. Gentry belongs there. He was erratic but pitched great down the stretch in some big games, including the clincher. After that it gets difficult. But look at what Tugger did in '69. Tack on 12 saves and 4 starts among 42 appearances.

There are only 3 players on the pitching leader cards so I give that third spot to Tug, one of my all-time favorite Mets. Wish there were room for more...
The card above is an actual Topps AL Pitching Leaders card. I collected cards this year. I have seen soooo many baseball cards over the years while attending card shows and then on-line. I had never seen this card before! Not until I was working on this post. I love when that happens! Very kool card.

When I first saw it as a search result I thought: oh, nice, which of us card-makers out there made this one?- because I figured right off the bat that this was not a real card. But it is! Topps did do that in '70. This layout is more appropriate for the 1969 Mets Team Pitching leaders so threw one together last minute.
Still, a tough card to do up right.
There's 79 of the '69 Mets 100 wins right there^.
Nolan Ryans inclusion is debatable. A few of New York's other pitchers contributed as much if not more than Ryan.

Don Cardwell should be up there. He ate up a lot of innings and every win added up to Koosman in Grotes arms. But he had a losing record at 8-10. Jim McAndrew, 6-7. Cal Koonce (6-3) was big in spots.

As a card collector I have to consider the fact that if Ryans on the card, it's worth more. Yep, that even applies in my fantazees.

Ryan doesn't look too happy about making the cut.

R.I.P. Jim Fregosi. There will be more about Fregosi, the ex Met third baseman, when we get to the 1972 Mets Fantazy Cards.

               My sympathies go out to his family and friends.

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