Monday, August 26, 2013

63 Mets Leaders / 64 Fantazy Cards

Still filling in 1960's stuff while I prepare other pages. The Mets leaders for 1963 on '64t style borders, as you would expect.
I mentioned before I can't help but laugh at some of these numbers the team leaders have but these, folks, are the facts.

It certainly wasn't winning that made the New York Mets popular and drew fans in the early 60's.
Hunt's .272 was a good sign of things to come from him. Mets catcher Jesse Gondor batted a respectable .302 but only played in 42 games with 126 at bats.
Quite a dip from the 34 dingers that Thomas led the team with in '62. Hickman with a very early appearance at The Sadecki Spot.
No words for this card except maybe I would love to have seen Al Jackson pitch for the Mets. He was a workhorse.

Oh, there is this: Though Al Jackson had more wins (13-17, 3.96), Carl Willey had a better ERA (9-14, 3.10) and 4 shutouts in 1963. Carl was the first Mets Pitcher to ever hit a grand slam. During spring training in 1964, Willey's jaw was broken when he was hit by a line drive off Detroit Tiger's Gates Brown. He was out until June. Though he continued to pitch in 58 innings, he was never the same. He retired in 1965 from the NY Mets and went on to become a scout for the Philadelphia Phillies. He scouted for them for 9 years.

Carl Willey info from: NYFS (

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  1. Al Jackson was our greatest hope. So disappointing when they traded him away. He was back for part of the 1969 season.