Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1971 Mets Leaders / 1972 Mets Fantazy Cards

Cleon bounces back to over .300. Tommie repeats his healthy 1970 season and continues to convince 13 year old me that he was the best Metroplolitan on the planet. Long time Met Ed Kranepool puts together 14 boomers and a .280 BA, a very fine season and I tip my Mets cap to you Mr. Kranepool.
A busy season for Agee, Jones and Kranepool. 14 home runs tops the team but three players hit that many. If I had time I'd photoshop the three of em into one person and have one HR leader with 42.
Seaver with another great year. A 1.76 ERA. Amazin'. Gary Gentry was holding his own as a serviceable arm. Ray Sadecki picks his spots for Fantazy appearances. This would more than likely be Nolans last appearance on a Mets Fantazy card. Oh wait, I have a mid 70s pic of Seaver and Ryan that I have to work in somehow and also he'll return to face Doc Gooden in the '86 NLCS. Cya then Mr. Ryan.

Pat made a request for some Don Rose and Stubby from Baseball Birthdays made it possible to get these up today. Thanks for the request Pat and thanks for the assist Stubby. If I can ever be of help in any way please let me know. Pat get's trumped by Stubby's assist! Stubby, your name is on the OPC card.

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