Sunday, March 9, 2014

Catching Up On Requests

Here are some cards that were requested.
They will be added to existing pages.

I went with the 71-OPC full sentence style. Or in Charlies case, a small paragraph.

These go out to Anonymous#1. If you would rather have a more serious Charlie Williams lemme know. I tried to stop myself but I had to go there.
If you look close there's a question mark on the fence in the Stanton card. Anonymous is too long a name.

Pat, the pictures at Centerfieldmaz were usable. I wish I had a more appropriate pic for the circle on the 63 card. Maybe someday I'll come across one.

It really should be a 1964 card, I suppose.
Chico was first signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951 as an amateur free agent. After 6 years in the minors watching Pee Wee Reese play short and a cup of coffee with the team in 1956, Chico was traded to the Phillies. He ended up playing full seasons for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Detroit Tigers on his journey to New York.

A very slick fielding shortstop, his hitting was unremarkable with little power until he exploded with 20 homers for Detroit in 1962. Then he somehow got traded twice in one day and ended up with the Mets, where he again became an unremarkable player whose slick fielding had deserted him. Read more about him here: Centerfieldmaz: Early Sixties Mets Short Stop: Chico Fernandez (1963)

When the Mets traded him at the end of the 1963 they got Charley Smith in return. In 1964 Charley would give the Mets the home runs that Chico didn't when Smith led the team with 20 long balls.

Chico wore number 7 in 1963 while Ed Kranepool was number 21.
Was Chico Fernandez the first Met to wear #7?
I have no idea.

Go take a look at METS BY THE NUMBERS and find out.
And I just realized I spelt Smith's name wrong on the '64 fantazy card. DOH!
For the Billy Wynne: I had a Billy Wynne pic that I had colorized for the 1967 Sgt. Pepper/Mets tribute collage. It was a quick rush job just to get him included so it wasn't very good. I tried to continue on with that.
I used the WIZ card pic as the source. Bad source, small pic, washed out. That's 3 strikes but I still tried to use it.
The Wynne for the 67 Mets team tribute^. Just good enough to say its "in color" and use.

I used the 67 Tribute Wynne as the base (all I had was his head), added Ralph Terrys body for the uni and a Shea backround.
I tried to add shadows and depth to the washed out face. It's not great but it don't suck. If I put more time into that (took app 2 hours) I could have continued to work it and hopefully made it better. Now it looks more like color-by-numbers pic than an actual photo. But that'll have to do. I have to get to work on the 73 cards.
Pat, your name is on the billboard beyond the outfield fence.

I found this nice quality Don Rose photo and I will colorize this for use here, but I have no idea when I will even start on that and I will give that one all the time it needs. So someday this will be colorized.
If anyone (or any other cardmakers out there) wants to make a 1972 manager card for the team of your choice using the rehashed Fantazy Card design, here's a template minus team name & colors.
Thanks to both Pat S. & anonymous#1 for their comments and requests.

As always thanks to Centerfieldmaz for the photos (in this case Ken Singleton & Chico Fernandez), info & stories he shares.

The Trading Card Data Base for the Billy Wynne WIZ card.
Late addition:
I read a review of the 1972 Topps design in which it states that Topps returned to a white border this year after the black 1971 design. Now I always considered those '71 cards to be a black card with no borders. But it could be said that they had black borders. I looked at the white frame around the players picture as the border.

That got me to thinking what if they went with the '72 design but kept the black border look. It looks kinda kool, and Dave Marshall gets a well deserved 1972 Fantazy Card.


  1. These are fantastic!

  2. Thank you Jason. :)
    I'm still trying to get my brothers together for a pack war.

  3. Here's a color Don Rose, courtesy of Baseball Birthdays:
    The pic:
    The post:

    1. Wow. Thank you very much Stubby! Thanks Baseball Birthdays. Excellent pic! Crucial!
      I don't know how but I'll include your name on his card.


      Big fan of the work you guys do there. I joined the site a while back but can't log in there for some reason.

    2. What's your browser? Works great in Chrome. Not so much in Internet Explorer.

    3. I've been using Firefox for years. Recently I have been been having problems with it so I started using Chrome. Haven't gone default yet with Chrome and I always fire up Firefox out of habit.

      I'll try again today and make note of the details. Odds are good I'm doing something wrong. I'll figure it out or make a new account.

      Working on the Rose card now. Thanks again for that photo :)

    4. I tried to log in again at Baseball Birthdays. I didn't make note of my PW when I registered so I went with the retrieve PW deal and it says it will send an Email to me but I do not receive any Emails from the website. I will re-register but I would like to continue to use the name Zvon, which I guess I'm tying up myself. Can that account be deleted? If I don't hear back I'll re-register sometime this week as Zvon58.

    5. It's not my site and I'm not really good with computers, so I couldn't really say. All I know/knew was that I was having trouble getting on with IE, switched to Chrome and everything was fine. I don't recall having to retrieve my password there, but, if I did, I must have gotten the email. Right? Most of the good stuff is free for the browsing anyway...the main Players section, of course, and folks into colorizations and custom cards would probably dig the Creators Corner.