Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Talking Shop: Project Colorizations / Part 2 -Al Jackson-1962.

Colorizing Al Jacksons 1962 Polo Grounds action shot.
Or when colorization goes bad. And then good :)

I screwed this one up because I was in a rush. The original digital photo was a decent size and of good quality. I applied the color additions directly to the base image.
At some point I got a blotchy look from an effect and kept going. I should have backtracked there but the faces in the crowd looked to be the correct color.

^Using a freehand lasso ( sometimes you can save time by using the "magic wand" to select the area to be colored ) I went to work on Jackson.
^Then I got into each individual in the stands and colorized their clothing, the rails and bunting. Jackson's coming out good. The rails and bunting look very good. The crowd is okay, but not good enough. It looks like it was colorized as opposed to looking "in color".
I turned to the 'ol Blur The Backround Trick.
I cut out the image of Jackson (including the mound & rails to the stands) and made it it's own layer, placing it above the original work.
Now I could do things to the base layer with the crowd that would not effect how Al Jackson looked. To this basic layer I applied a color adjustment (automatic color balance set to BLUE-cooler)and a blur effect (a guassian blur setting). This brought together the disjointed elements of the crowd in the back of Jackson and blended them together, making the background look more realistically "in color".
I merged the layers so the in-focus cut-out layer of Jackson appeared in front of a now blurry crowd. Many times you come up with tricks in graphics out of necessity. I was very happy with how this turned out. Done.

Because of the newly blurred backround this image is now kinda unique unto itself. But that blurry background was not part of my plan.

CREDITS: Al Jackson picture courtesy of ESPN
Stay tuned for more in this series on Project Colorizations. Coming up: 1964 All Star Game.

Coming up next ( I hope because it's going rather slow ) will be the 1973 Mets Fantazy cards ( if not ready in a few days I'll throw something else up while I stall ).
This will include some cards right outta fantazyland.


  1. Nice colorizing job! It's something I've been meaning to try, but haven't gotten around to yet.

    Thanks for getting into the somewhat technical details on this; I don't know how much this type of thing "plays in Peoria", but I enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you. Glad you enjoy it. I hope the Talking Shop posts help you in your quest to colorize.