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1973 Mets Fantazy Cards Series Two

Hey, series two is out. Hmmm, which cards do I wish to get the most? Probably Seaver or Willie Mays, now that Agee is gone.


>>>>>>>>>Lets rip open a pack.
Whoa. New insert cards! Excellent!

Lets see what we got here....

Bud Harrelson. Nice. I always have room for another Bud in my collection.

Harrelson was out for two extended periods during the 73 season for a total of 48 days.

He had a fractured wrist from June 5 to July 8, and a dislocated sternum in August. When he returned August 18, the Mets were in last place, 13 games under .500, and were still in the cellar on August 28. But propelled by their pitching, the Mets went 19-8 in September to win the division at just three games over .500 (82-79). Harrelson started every game during the stretch run and batted .280 while scoring 12 times and drawing 13 walks in September.

John Milner! Cool. Our new young slugging first baseman. He launched 23 long balls in 1973 but his .239 batting average was dismal. We Met fans were happy with him. To us 23 homers was a pretty healthy amount. And The Hammer wasn't 100% healthy himself.

In April Milner suffered a pulled hamstring and was out for 30 days, managing 1 round tripper in May. He smacked 6 in the month of July, so it's not reasonable to say that without the injury John might have Hammered out close to 30.
Ken Boswell. Cool sideburns. He was the odd man out in 1973 with the acquisition of Felix Millan. Bozz primarily pinched hit and filled in for Wayne Garrett at third after Fregosi was delt. Most of the infield backup was being handled by rookie Teddy Martinez.
And we get Teddys card! This is a lucky pack. Martinez filled in very well for Buddy when he was down, playing 43 games at shortstop. With little to no pop and not much of a hitter, he was there for his glove. And he had a good one. He had some decent speed but you can't steal first.
WOOT! Willie IN ACTION! I didn't know there were IN ACTION cards this year. That's crazy! Mays playing first too. And that's Joe Morgan. I'm a fan of Morgan the player. I just hope I never have to hear him broadcast a ballgame again. Not a fan of Morgan at the mic.

George Stone. He surprised me. And we needed what he brought. George came over from Atlanta with Felix Millan. This is the thing that puts this trade over the top. Felix smacked 185 hits and Stone won 12 in 1973. I didn't even look to see how Gentry and Frisella were doing. I didn't care. They weren't Mets anymore.

>>>>>>>>>Whats this?

WOW! WE GOT AN INSERT CARD! This is our lucky day. A Lute Barnes Sadecki Spot Commemorative Collection Mets Fantazy Card. Man, that's a mouthful. Number 22 of 73. A limited edition. YES!

Wow. What are the odds I would get these cards back to back? The Stork and the guy who got in his way. Read more about that in Focus: George Theodore.

Kooz! Again I rooted for Jerry Koosman to get out there and win 20, and once again he didn't. He pitched into some hard luck. With a 2.84 ERA his record was 14-15. It's amazin' we got to the big show with Koosman suffering so many losses. The southpaw started and ended the season in great fashion, going 4-0, 1.06 ERA (1st ever N.L. Player Of The Month) in April and 3-1 in September.

Everything in between was a fine mess capped by a 2-5 record in July. A very foul lack of run support jinxed Jerry through the thick of it.

Then Koosman got a wiff of pennant and turned his season around. On August 19 New York was 6.5 games out and the lefty's began a streak of 31 2/3 scoreless innings, not allowing a run through September 7, a Mets' record that stood through the 2008 season. The streak included a 10-inning complete-game victory over Juan Marichal. Koosman won six of his last seven decisions and threw a total of 12 complete games.

>>>>>>>>>>WOW. Another insert card! A MFC Jerry Koosman! You guys are soooo lucky! I never got two insert cards in one pack.

Whoa, I didn't expect to get a Tommie Agee! A 73 Zee-Pee-Chee card. He's pictured as a Met. This counts as a Met card.
Nice. This is the luckiest pack ever!
My last Agee.

*hangs head.

Well, my last Agee as a Met.


Hey, the Mets finally won a game! And in fine form. Duda with TWO kaBOOMs! Mejia had some wicked movement.
If you want a card by card breakdown of the 2014 season visit my other kind of blog thing, The MFC Season Set.

Just something I came across Metsurfing. A home movie of Hank Aarons 695th career home run at Shea.

SABR (more to come)

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