Friday, April 18, 2014

The Making Of A Fantazy Card pt. 1

A slight delay in the 1973 Mets Fantazy Card Season Series set. I should have that ready on the 25th (updated).
Meanwhile, lets take a look at what goes into the making of a season series fantazy card. First of all the style of the card itself is based on Topps 1973 World Series cards.

It's been very hard to find suitable pictures from the Pirates/Mets series in late September 1973. So for this project I had to make a bunch. This is the Making of the Millan, 1-2-3.

1) I need a picture depicting Millans triple in the second game. So I look for a photo of Millan batting in an away uniform. I found an excellent one in Matthew Silvermans amazin' book New York Mets 50 Amazin' Seasons: An Illustrated History.
So I have the Millan pic but I can't have him with all those Oaklandians in the backround, so I make a single layer cut-out of him. I'm also going to need a Pirate catcher, or, like Casey foretold, the ball will roll all the way to the backstop. So I find a picture of Manny Sanguillen in action and cut him out. Lets throw in an ump cut out to add to the authenticity.

2)Then I'm off to find a backround that would make Felix appear to be batting in Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. I searched for a loooooong time and this shot of Pete Rose at Chavez Ravine at night is the only one that came close to what I needed. It's not Three Rivers, but shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Then I remove Pete'ner and the Dodger catcher. This is done by cut and pasting other sections of the crowd and dugout over Rose and whoever that catcher is. It doesn't have to be perfect because the player and ump cut-outs will go in front of this area. The ump in the original will be out of frame in the final so he's ignored. Now this is a good base shot to add the cut-outs to.

3)Then I add the cut-outs. This part is like Colorforms™. You just put the cut-outs where you want them. Most times the cutouts have to be re-sized to fit the scale of the backround, as was the case here. The red rectangle is the area that should be visable on the completed card.
Then I add details to the backround to make it more Pittsburghy and WaLA, I have a pretty kool looking card for the MFC Season Series set.
I liked the way this came out. I was going to add it to the upcoming page when I noticed that I messed up. I'm always telling people how I'm into detail when it comes to these cards and then I go and put the Pirates in the visiting dugout at Three Rivers. Ha! You have to laugh or you'll pull out batches of hair.

I am in the process of fixing this by removing the Pirates and replacing them with Mets in the dugout. So due to silly stuff like that the 1973 MFC Season Series set has been delayed a few days and will be posted on April 25th (update). Sorry for the delay and thanks for stopping by.

Updated version w/Mets bench


Bye Ike. I still like ya :)

And now we join, already in progress, The Adventures Of Josh Satins Eyebrows.

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