Friday, June 6, 2014


 I almost forgot about making these for 1972.

 I did not like the 1973 Topps leader cards. They copped out and put both leagues on one card. Weak.

Was there a cardboard shortage or something?

They started doing that in '73 and continued this practice until 1976 when they went back to separate cards for each league.

 Then in 1977 they switched back.
Who made these decisions at Topps? Sometimes they made you wonder.

It did make for some cool cards, like this one with Seaver and Ryan. It irked me then (it just reminded me that Ryan was no longer a Met) but now I realize how special both those pitchers were for baseball, never mind the Mets. It's a treat seeing them share a card. 

 I don't like the way these custom cards came out. I don't think Topps would have done a lay-out like this on the pitchers cards, but I want all that info on there, so that's the way it ends up. If I included a card back I'd change around the pitching leaders design. There's too much going on in the circles.

This batting leaders card is close to what Topps might have done, but still does not look right. I tried various lay-outs for both cards and these are the final cuts. I'll be cheap like Topps and put the batting leader and the homerun leader on the same card. Weak.
Rest in peace Don Zimmer, a true character of the game.

He will be missed.



The 1974 Mets Opening Day Line-up

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