Sunday, June 8, 2014

1973 Mets Fantazy Cards 1973 Mets Team

A collection of all the 73 Mets Fantasy Cards on one page. 


The 73 Topps card design lent itself well to the concept of "Injury Cards", and in 1973 the Mets had enough of them to merit such distinction. If it wasn't for the player silhouette in the circle thing I would not have thought to make these. I thought it would be funny to have a player on crutches for an injury card (you can see I made the player with a cane for the old timers game card). But injuries were serious business in 1973, and eight Mets who spent time on the disabled list would miss a total of 183 games.

One thing about this '73 Mets team is they became a solid unit that supported each other in every facet of the game. 23 Metropolitan batters were hit by pitches during the season. And New York pitchers, in turn, hit 23 opposing batters.

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