Friday, September 5, 2014

73 bfc Reggie Jackson Special

Last night I was working on the 1973 World Series game 1 page when I got sidetracked on a Reggie Jackson kick and created these cards. The idea evolved while I was making a Reggie card for use on the World Series pages. While I complete the game one page, instead of making you wait for that, I'll share these.
  Reggie Jackson, aka Mr. October. 
Take a look at the three year transformation during 1971-1973. Pretty amazin' metamorphosis.

I recognized Reggie for the great player he was, but I thought he was a bit full of himself. I thought he was more talk than walk. At least up until the 1977 World Series when he hit the 3 dingers in consecutive at bats. Then I tipped my cap to Jackson and thought wow, he really is Mr October. He really lived up to that nickname. From then on I called him whatever he wanted.

Original source image
I'll be calling all non Mets cards I make Baseball Fantazy Cards (designation "bfc").

Coming Next: The 1973 World Series Game one

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