Friday, November 14, 2014

14 in 14 !!! Lets get it done!!

I put that up that on Twitter^. Not sure if I did it right because I don't tweet. What supposed to happen? It gets re-tweeted? I don't think it'll even get seen, lol. Someone, please do whatever it is that folks do on twitter to reach other Gil Hodges fans.

We are in the home stretch. Less than a month to go. The petition has been sent. 
Here's a message from Bill Hall , our tireless leader.

"Gil Hodges Belongs In the Baseball Hall of Fame (@ facebook) exists to advocate for the long-overdue election of Gil Hodges to Baseball’s Hall of Fame. He is on the ballot for the Golden Era Committee vote scheduled December 8. Please help! Our online petition has been mailed to Cooperstown today with more than 3,200 signatures! There is still time to write a letter to the Golden Era Committee, c/o baseball Hall of Fame, 25 Main Street, Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326. Letters should be short (no more than a page), personal and positive, focused on Gil’s attributes and not on tearing down other candidates or members of the Hall. They must arrive in Cooperstown by Nov. 24 in order to be seen by the committee before they vote."

 Thanks to all who signed the petition. If you support having Gil Hodges inducted into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, take that extra step. Please, write to Cooperstown and put it over the top. Gil should go in this year. It is fate!!

Feel free to wear this as a banner on fb if you want to show your support. An avatar as well. Show your support people! The odds are against Gil and he needs our help. 


Coming very soon: Game Four of the 1973 World Series.


  1. Princeton and Petersburg, Indiana are pulling for Mr. Hodges!

    1. Excellent Dave. We will find out in 3 more days if he goes in this year.
      Thanks for poppin' in :)

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