Monday, November 24, 2014

1960 mfc Gil Hodges

 1960 mfc Gil Hodges

 I'm making some cards for the final drive to get Gil in the HoF. The big portrait picture is from his 1954 Bowman card, a fantastic shot. Dressed him L.A. style.

That's Sandy Koufax's jersey and windbreaker Hodges is wearing. Hey, may as well whip up a Sandy while I got the card kit out.

I think we've done all we can for Mr. Hodges in 2014. Today was the deadline for letters. So this campaign comes to a close.

I want Bill Hall to know he's done a great job and regardless of the outcome, it's been an honor to be able to help in this cause. I'll continue to help until it gets done. But hopefully, Gil Hodges gets the nod and we can celebrate his induction in 2015.

I see many people remember Gil and think very highly of him. Many believe he should be in the Hall. I know he is considered a borderline candidate and it is a close call. But look at all these people going to bat for him.

This is 50 years after his first year of eligibility, and over 40 years since his passing. It should mean something to those who vote, that so many still stand behind the quiet man. So many will still speak for him. As a HoF candidate, when someone has been on the fence as Gil has been over the years, I do hope we people can tilt the scales that little bit that it takes to get him in.

Big Thanks to all involved. Thanks to all who signed the petition. A special thanks to those who wrote letters.

The decision will be announced on December 9th.

This wallpaper (with a banner) was made for the Gil Hodges Belongs In the Baseball Hall of Fame fb group for this final stretch. 
Hopefully we can add a HoF plaque to it :)

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