Wednesday, December 31, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>mfc CELEBRATES NEW YEARS!!

Another year over, a new one just begun...
Happy New Years Everyone!!!

2014 has come and gone.The future looks bright for the Mets. I'm not whipping out my shades just yet though. I understand that without an additional power/production bat New York will once again be underdogs. That's fine with me.
 If it were only that simple.

 Lets take stock of what we have as of the last day of 2014.

I present a New Years special:
The New York Mets 2015 opening day lineup (subject to all kindsa changes) Topps '15 design style.

 I think I have to hold a real '15 Topps card in my hand before passing judgement, but they look pretty damn cool. I hope these wet your whistle for the 2015 Topps cards. They should pop sometime in Febuary. These can be considered mfc T'15 mini's.

 1) Juan Lagares: We all know what an amazin' fielder he is. We need him to get on base a lot. We should find out what kind of bat he has in 2015.

 2) Curtis Granderson: We need Grandy to improve his numbers at least just a tad and not be so ridiculously streaky.

 3) David Wright: The captain needs to step up & take command. We gotta get back to the post season at least one more time before Wright's star starts to fade. He needs to return to his career norms to show that the fade has not yet begun.

 Photo of David Wright by Kathy Kmonicek

 4) Lucas Duda: Was last seasons power numbers a fluke? I don't think so. Duda comes into his own in 2015. We're going to see 40 HRs from the Dude if he can stay in the lineup. He has to improve against lefties. And relax Lucas, you've made the grade.

I said relax!

5) Michael Cuddyer: If Cudd does anymore than expected, which isn't much, he will be a great pick up. If he can pump out 20 homers and drive in 60 or more, we'll be in damn good shape. I think he and Wright being such good friends will count for something. 
If he has a banner year we don't need no stinkin' new shortstop.

6) Daniel Murphy: Am I the only one who didn't want to trade Muffy this off season? I know he shows flashes of stupidity on the bases and is sometimes weak in the field, but this guy belongs on a winning Mets team if there's any winning to be done. 
He'll have his best season all around in 2015, if he stays healthy.

 7) Travis d'Arnaud: Travis has to show better defense behind the plate and at the plate he will become a doubles machine in 2015. If Plawecki advances at a fast pace, we could have an interesting problem on our hands.

8) Wilmer Flores: Will Wil Flores be our shortstop? Certainly looks like it at this point. I'm okay with Flores at SS even though you, Wilmer, are the weakest link.
Good day.

 9) Matt Harvey: Talk has it that Harvey will be saved for the home opener on April 13th. We play 6 games on the road before that so I'm a little confused. Until there is official word I'll have him in the pitchers slot.

 Will Harvey bounce back from TJ surgery? So many of our eggs are in his basket. In 2015 he's got to be as great as he thinks he is. Time to walk the walk Mattman.


There are important factors at work this upcoming season that could make or break us. Many things will have to go our way to be successful in 2015.
These are my main concerns:


Matt, we didn't need to see your ass but we do need to see your arm (doing what it does). It's all down to you, and I believe that's just the way you like it.                                       

 Dave, for years I pictured a day when you and Reyes would be hoisting up the World Series trophy together. I'll have to settle for just you.


 Zack, you got good stuff. Use it!

                Wilmer, ankle weights!

 Jacob, you made every Mets fan very proud by winning Rookie Of The Year Award. Can you continue developing and become an elite pitcher? Will your next award be a Cy?
Oh, BTW, don't cut your hair. We fans need something to grab onto.


Travis, I'm not worried about your hitting. You'll do fine there. Work on your catching. Too many balls are getting by you. 


Mr. Cuddyer, nice to meet you.
What can you do for us?
This question is rather crucial. If you have a good year, we all have a good year.


  Mejia, if you're going to do all that dancing on the field you better make like Matt and walk the walk. 
Parnell, you can step up and take the spot as closer. They say you get first shot. Don't believe em.
The rest of you, please, do your job.


Kevin Burkhardt moved on to what I hope are greener pastures for him. 
He's a great guy, isn't he guyz? 


A last goodbye.



2015 starts now!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mfc Celebates Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everybody. Happy Chanukah too. And happy holidays to those who have a problem with good 'ol seasons greetings.

 Wasn't planning on a Christmas post but I just learned Mets Fantazy Cards Like They Ought To Be hit 100,000 views last week. That is absolutely amazin' and deserves a celebration in it's own right.

So for the holidays lets get a peek at some future cards. Or past cards. To you, new cards. :) 

This post goes out to Pat Scalzo @Christmas, who twisted my arm and said," make more cards you slowpoke!" My New Years resolution is to post more frequently Pat.
1983 Topps was one of my favorite designs. Pretty much a more modern rehash of the 1963 design.
But George Foster was not one of my favorite Mets. Actually, I hated him (as a player) and his acquisition. But still, he was a Met so he gets a card. I'm like Oprah with the cards. Everybody gets a card! You get a card, and you get a card, and...

I liked Kevin Elster. I liked him even better after he left the Mets and had a great season with Texas, launching 24 long balls and driving in 99 (his only full season apart from the New York). I didn't like that he wasn't a Mets player anymore, but I wished him well on departure and he didn't suck.

 An mfc card in memory of Ray Sadecki. This card won't make the '77 pages. It's an alt that did not make the cut. I have made many alt cards for many players that did not make the cut for some reason (pictured in the wrong year is common), and they have not, and for the most part, will not be seen. I don't want to thin down the mfc collection (1 reg card per player for each year with some special exceptions) or use up all the pics and over saturate the project. I did make the horizontal 77 border for Sadecki's card, and that won't go to waste. The picture used on this will be applied to his '75 mfc card.

Since deGrom won ROY I will display an alt card in celebration. At least I think I only posted one of these here.. 

Someday I'll finish Tom Seaver's tribute page (I suppose I better start it first) and this next card will be used. I added the RC symbol, then removed it, because the MLB 100th yr anniversary logo had not been created yet in 1967.

When Topps first added the RC symbol they said that it would be restricted for use on only one version of a players card, denoting his one and only actual Topps rookie card. But recently they seem to throw that symbol on anything close to first year cards, and on more than one card of the same player. Shame on them for that.

So what if they did add a RC rookie symbol on the '67 Topps card, what might it have looked like? I figure something like the one pictured in the card.

What should this be called? 
Tom Seaver '67 mfc Update Set card?

'67mfc Seaver/Westrum SP card
Tom gets the ball in 1967 from Mets manager Wes Westrum. Behind Tom you get a glimpse of the 1967 off-white OF wall. The wall was this color the day Tom pitched his first MLB game. Could this picture have been taken on that day? A week or two later the wall was changed to the dark green that it wore throughout the late 60's and early 70's.

 I already introduced the horizontal '75mfc layout, which was pretty straight up.

I think that looks predicatively correct. That's probably how Topps would have laid out a '75 horizontal card.  But I wanted to take things a step further. If Topps pushed the envelope (and they did push it a few times in the early 70's with the '71 & '72 designs) they might have come up with a different horizontal design. There's only so many things you can do to the old classics before they lose their nostalgic connection to the original. But I'll push it.

Now if the kid in you looks at this card and goes...WOW, 
then I've done my job. If you look at this and think, wtf has he done!!!??
then I am truly sorry. *wink

And Ray also gets a horizalt card. 
RIP Mr. Sadecki. 
It was always a pleasure to watch you do your job.


The Shea Stadium poster is pretty much complete. It still needs a few updates for erroneous or additional information.
The poster will be pretty big, app 3ft. x 4ft.
If there is any interest I will print up a limited amount for purchase.
All I know is I want one on my wall.