Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The mfc Gil Hodges Collection

Here is the mfc Gil Hodges Collection. I've gathered all Hodges cards and related stuff.

I'm very disappointed in the Hall Of Fame Golden Committee.

Mr. Hodges not getting in (again) was bad enough, but he only gets three votes? That's pretty sad.

So a man who was one of the best amongst his peers for a decade, who when he retired from playing, was third in all time home runs by a right handed batter...a man who managed a miracle, and who gave three prime years of his life serving his country in WWII (Mr. Hodges served in the battles of Tinian and Okinawa and received a Bronze Star Medal and a commendation for courage under fire for his actions) does not get more than three votes?

There's something wrong there.

It's no consolation, but today I'll be holding a press conference to announce that Gil Hodges has become the first member of the Mets Fantazy Cards Hall Of Fame. (MLB-TV 2pmEST)  




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