Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The mfc SCOREBOARD Collection 1962-2015

I've been waiting for the Mets to make a move and pump me up for 2015. And yes, a  move was announced the other day. A brand new ...shortstop,...Scherzer,...manager,..owners,...

That's right folks. It don't take much to pump me up. A superficial move. I'm a simple man. I appreciate things like scoreboards. So lets bring on the mfc SCOREBOARD Collection!

 The Polo Grounds 1962-'63
Look at that old thing. I know as a kid I would have had to try and sneak up inside there. What are those? Offices? Amazin'.

The new fantastic space age Shea Stadium scoreboard was under construction in late 1963.

   Shea Stadium is born 1964. The scoreboard in all it's intended glory.
The giant slide show did not last long.

After the slideshow failed, before the logo, 1965

 The best scoreboard known to man and the universe circa 1969-'73.
I did sneak up into this the structure in 1971 or '72. There really was a giant slide projector up there behind that logo.

The Mets and Yankees shared the Shea scoreboard in 1975.
I didn't agree with the switching of the logos and displayed my displeasure by never attending any Yankee games at Shea.
 The Mets attracted 1,730,566 to their home games while the Yankees attracted 1,288,048 to their home games at Shea.
Special thanks to Joe Shlabotnik

Last look at the white shell.

Mets sell some prime real estate.

The twin towers stood tall at Shea.
Special thanks to Louis Smith

A last goodbye.

 Citi Field's erector set scoreboard

 I knew Wright was too big for the original scoreboard.
And a "!" on a baseball card means it's exciting!
I wasn't sure but that clinched it. This is exciting news.

Yes, to me any Mets news is exciting.

mfc will continue with the 1973 World Series in the near future.


  1. Hi Warren,

    Thanks for the great scoreboard cards they will be treasured. A card of the scoreboard showing the WTC without the ribbon would be one of the best in my opinion. Pics from 1987-pre 9/11 of the scoreboard are hard to find.

    great cards and great site

    many thanks

  2. Thanks for stopping in Louis.
    They are hard to find. I looked through my Shea pics and I was able to find one. I agree that version should be added to the scoreboard collection and I will make one and add it tonight. Thanks for your interest and I'm glad you enjoy the site :)


  3. I know this isn't technically a Mets scoreboard, but I think it would be fun to have a card of the Shea scoreboard from 1974-1975 with the Yankees logo on it. In going through the 1976 SSPC set, it weirds the hell out of me to see that different logo up there.

  4. Youch. It pains me to agree with you Joe. Seeing the Yankee logo up there more than weirds me out. It was sacrilegious!

    I'm not one of those Mets fans that hates the Yankees. I remember the late 60's/early 70's, my best friend was a Yankee fan. They sucked worse than us most seasons back then. Didn't even put any serious stock in the Mayors Trophy game. They were what they were, we were what we were. They were an American League team. A.L. teams didn't concern me unless it was the post season.

    But to see the Yankee logo displacing the best logo in the history of the universe on the Shea Stadium scoreboard was a bit too much. Still, it is an important fact that I cannot sweep under the rug. Pictures are very limited, but I'll make that card with the Yankee logo up there. I guess it should be a 1976 card. Look for the addition soon.

  5. I might be able to help here:



    There's some photos here from '96 and '99 Shea with the scoreboard. Might not be terribly useful but it's there.

    1. Great photos and an excellent read. Thank you for sharing. I think your 1999 Scoreboard pic would be a perfect filler between the 1988 and 2008 ones. I'll make that card and add it here.
      Totally enjoy reading of your game experiences on The Ballclub. Thanks again :)

  6. Thank you for these scoreboard cards! For someone to honor Shea and certainly the classic and eventual changing scoreboard is reassuring that we are not alone this passion. Did the Manufacturers Hanover sign actually light up H/E for hit and error? Or was that an idea like the slideshow from '64? BTW the slide show idea very high tech idea for it's time. I love the Mets/Shea scoreboard and am glad that CitField has incorporated it. I would rather see the corporation part of the citi version to be less corporate and put up a real METS logo! Move the Skyline logo off Shake Shack and put it on Cit field! Anyway thanks for your work on creating these cards - I appreciate your creativity. Lets Go Mets!