Friday, January 30, 2015

The mfc SCOREBOARD Collection UPDATE:1988

This card goes out to Louis because he was absolutely correct. How could I not have covered the late 80's and 90's scoreboard look! I was able to find one decent photo from, I think, 1988. If that is incorrect please let me know, I can change the border. 

As of now, it's a 1988 mfc SCOREBOARD card!

Thanks for the input Louis. If I find a better photo someday I'll update this one.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Warren.

    The Yankee logo in the scoreboard is really great too.

    Sometimes when i can't find a great picture to use when I am making card (for myself). I download a youtube video with the image and save a still of it using the image for a card.

    The cards you make bring back happy memories (I am going thru an unbelieveable bad time in my life right now).

    thanks again