Monday, February 16, 2015

74mfc Mets Manager & Coaches

I wasn't planning on releasing this card separately. It was made for the 73 World Series game 6 page. Decent photos from game 6 are a bit hard to find, and I apologize for being so slow in completing the 1973 World Series posts.

That page won't be ready for some time and I have an on-line friend out there who could use some cheering up right now.

So, for Louis, who took time to research my LONGINES/ELGIN question, I present Yogi Berra's 74mfc Mets Manager & coaches card.

Louis, you'll find your name up on the greatest scoreboard known to man and the universe. I hope this brings a smile and things go well as you manage to get through these tough times.


Also, I should post my wallet card so defgav of Baseball Card Breakdown knows I'm on board. This was taken over a month ago when I first slipped it into my wallet. I hated the Donruss 1990 baseball card design so getting one all squished in my wallet is very appealing.

I'll post an updated copy at some point. Right now it don't look too worse for the wear.