Friday, February 27, 2015

He lived long, and he did prosper. Goodbye Leonard Nimoy.

I've been a fan of Star Trek since day one in the 60's, as a child of about ten years old. I grew up with Leonard Nimoy's Spock. The character has to be one of the best known in the world. I don't have to tell you about Spock. When Star Trek was phased out in 1969, Leonard wanted to distance himself as far as possible from the character, simply so he could go on with his acting career. At that point the making of a Star Trek movie wasn't even a consideration. The show tanked. The idea for a Trek movie was germinating, but it didn't really take up a full head of steam til the mid 70's, after the success of Star Wars.

He wrote a book titled I Am Not Spock. He did Mission Impossible in its dieing days trying to break the mold. He played TV guest roles on Columbo and other shows on at the time. 
He even hosted In Search Of...
in the late 70's, when he was still in search of a career. He was in a bunch of made for TV movies between 1970 and 1978.

And then he returned to play Spock in the Star Trek movies starting in 1979, which he probably did more for financial reasons than anything else.
At a certain point Mr. Nimoy realized what Spock was. The role of a lifetime, and he eventually embraced the character, going so far as to write another book, this one called I Am Spock. 

We lost Leonard Nimoy today. If you want to read about Mr. Nimoy I'm sure there's plenty of stuff being written today about him. This is not about the fortunate actor, but more so about his most popular role, First Officer Spock of the star ship enterprise. Because, whether he liked it or not, he was Spock.

The thing about the half human/half Vulcan that resonates with me at this time is not what kind of TV character he was, or how perfectly he was portrayed, but that Nimoy's Spock has been with me every decade of my life. From the age of 9 to now, this character Spock grew old with me. I found this most fascinating, as Spock would say, as I was looking through photos of Mr. Nimoy today.


This was reflected in the tributes I prepared for him tonight.
A card based on the  1976 Topps Star Trek trading card set.

This should probably say Commander Spock, or even Ambassador Spock, but re-making that font would be too time consuming.

 Since I made a bunch of cutouts for the card I put em together for a little banner tribute.


 He did live long. And he did prosper.
Goodbye Leonard Nimoy, goodbye Mister Spock.

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