Monday, February 2, 2015

The mfc SCOREBOARD Collection UPDATE to the UPDATE!

Some more additions to the scoreboard cards. 
Hey, I'll make these all month.


Joe Shlabotnik of The Shlabotnik Report reminded me that there was a time when the Yankees logo marred the white patch where the slide show used to be, displacing the best logo known to man and the universe. This card must be added to the record.

Of course when the Mets played at home the best logo known to man and the universe went right back up there.
More about the photo used here below.

So if we are going to rep scoreboard logos the Jets have to get a card.
If this is going to be accurate I need to find a picture of the old "Jets in the helmet" version of the logo. I put that Jets logo there for the card (should have angled it). In the original photo that area was all black.

I found two pictures of Shea taken by the same person and tried to join them together. That sky needs work. I used this photo for the 1975 Shea (Mets) scoreboard because of the similar angle to the Shea Yankee logo picture. But because of the Longines clock, this can't be 1975 (I did fooshop it in on the card). I'm thinking 1978. Does anyone know what year the clock was switched to Elgin?

I really should have thought of cards for all these versions of the scoreboard. I loved that huge monstrosity. I thought that thing was a space age work of modern art. So thanks to those who commented on my omissions. It proves my belief that Mets fans are the best.

In the Shea poster I gave a lot of thought into getting all the variations in, so I really should have known better. I needed some additional information regarding the stadium before calling the Shea poster complete, and I found it at Baseballfever recently, so the finishing touches should be going in soon.


  1. Thank you, kind sir, for featuring that corruption of Shea Stadium goodness. Still weirds me out.

    Having never really followed the Jets, it never occurred to me that there'd be a Jets logo up there for football games. Love that game action shot!

    Thanks for sharing all of this!

  2. Hi Warren,

    In Tom Seaver's return to Shea after the trade to the Reds at 23 seconds in the scoreboard shows the elgin clock. In videos of the Yankees playing at Shea the scoreboard had the longines clock. In the Milner HR at 6min 53sec in provides some clues (It's too fast for me to tell), Milner hit 13 HRs between 1976 & 1977 in Shea while playing for the Mets.

    So my best guess would in the clock changed from longines to elgin in 1976.

    hope it helps

    1. That Seaver return to Shea film is classic. The match-up was Seaver vs. Koosman!
      The Milner HR: it definitely says Elgin there (maybe with a symbol or something before it-something circular).
      I think you're right on with 1976.

      These are great vids. Thank you for sharing these. The musical selections in the NY Yearbook were interestingly awesome.

  3. Hi again Warren and everyone,

    The SSPC baseball card sets give the best clues about the scoreboard that I've seen. Look up Rick Dempsey's cards SSPC from 1975 & 1976 or Reggie Jackson or John Milner which show the clock/clocks in the upper right hand corner. As well as Mike Vail's topps cards. Louis Requena a sports photographer took pictures of many NL and AL players while the Mets and Yanks played in Shea in 1974 & 1975. A little known fact was the NFL NY Giants also played in Shea in 1975 pictures are very hard to find but would make a great card.

    On gettyimages & corbis lookup photos of Joe Torre & Catfish Hunter in 1975 they also gives clues. Many of the photos above are just out of focus enough to clearly see the clock however.

    Also interesting are the ads at the bottom of the scoreboard too.

    One last point Surf detergent made books in 1987 & 1988 with pictures of all of the topps baseball cards of all teams Mets included a great resource I think.

    thanks again

  4. I agree about the SSPC cards. I'm looking at a '75 Doc Medich and Longines is clearly still there.

    I'd love a Giants pic for a card. I could possibly photoshop one up.

    Those SURF books. I had one in the 80's and used it as a checklist as I collected, and re-collected, old Mets cards. I even drew a little box next to the card in the book and would check it off. I loved that Surf book :)

    Thanks for your contributions Louis. I hope things are going better for you.~WzF

  5. Hi Warren,

    It seems 1975 was the year of the change to the Elgin clock. The exact date is a mystery. see the reggie photo

    Things are terrible for my family and me and will get even worse as my dad is dying. We are facing discrimination from the locals who will be glad when my dad dies. The blog helps to get my mind off of troubles.

    many thanks

    1. Thank you Louis for the research you put into this. I really do appreciate it. I will show my appreciation by including your name in the next mfc card I post. Stay tuned.

      It sucks you are going through some tough times Louis. Keep looking up. Tough times don't last forever.