Saturday, March 7, 2015

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If you're a Mets fan you'd have to live under a rock that's under the ocean that's on a different planet that is in another universe to not have heard about Matt Harvey's return to the mound on Friday.

Any questions and worries we had regarding his health and condition were put to rest as he cut through the first six batters in the Detroit Tigers lineup like they were melted butter. Or, for us fans up north, like they were melted snow (which can't happen soon enough). He was masterful, striking out 3 & sawing off bats. He hit 99MPH on the gun twice and introduced his curve ball, which he hadn't thrown since high school.

Is this any reason, only at the very beginning of spring training, for Mets fans to get excited?
You bet your sweet bippy it is. Can you believe that it's been nearly 18 months since Harvey pitched last? Well, us Metropolitan fans are the most patient people I know. We gotta be.

So in the first 2 televised games of the spring the Mets looked good. They did some coming back, showcased some fine pitching and we won Harveys return engagement on a walk-off home run by future Mets shortstop Matt Reynolds. In todays game prospect Mike Conforto slapped three hits including a long double in the deepest reaches of the left-center field gap, while driving in three runs.

I'm not down in Port St. Lucie but I still may have to put on a pair of shades. The future looks bright.


 Here's an alternate Harvey card that was pulled because it sounded too insensitive to Daniel Murphy.

 I kid. I respect Murphy's views on homosexuality and that for some reason he felt they should be shared. Daniel's one of my favorite Mets and I'd like him to stay a New Yorker so I hope this does not work against him in any way. People are so freakin' sensitive these days.

The 2015 New York Mets spring training is in full throttle now, and in no time at all the baseball season will begin anew. Clean slate. Yay!
Last season I tried to do a card a game on this blogs sister site  ( Mets Fantazy Cards 2014 Season Set) but I could not keep up with that pace. I ran out of gas in early September. As a fan of Joe Petruccio's blog, My NY Mets Journal, I have a new found respect for the man. He does a drawing for every Mets game. A drawing! Usually funny and always excellent. I can't do that this season (and also do this blog). It was too much. I tip my hat to Joe and hope this season will be one worth putting all the work that he puts into his Journal.

 This season I'll try to do at least one season highlight card a week. Special events and occurrences could make for more. I will be posting them here and not on a separate blog. So enjoy the 2015 season with me here following the Mets Fantazy Cards 2015 Season baseball card Set.

 The Mets Fantazy Card 2014 Season Set Blog will be deleted shortly. If anyone wants images of those cards grab em while you can.


Photo of Matt Reynolds by Bruce Alder.

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