Sunday, March 22, 2015


Batmagadanleadoff of the Crane Pool Forum recently shared some amazing & rare photographs of Shea Stadium during the first week of the 1967 season. The subject was not Greg Goossen, but Shea Stadium's outfield wall, which can be seen in the background.

  What is going on with that outfield wall?
From 1964 through to the end of the '66 baseball season, Shea's outfield walls were a lighter green than in the 1970's. The distance markers (371,410,etc.) on the walls were white (see below). The plexi-glass bullpen sections were yet to be added.

Shea Stadium outfield wall 1964

 From early 1967 up until the 1980 rebuild the outfield walls were a dark green, sometimes appearing to be a greenish blue.

Starting the '67 season, the walls were much lighter and the distance markers were no longer white, but black. This was only during the seasons opening homestand. These photographs were taken on April 20th, 1967, as Tom Seaver took to the mound to make his very first career start. 

When the Mets returned from their first road trip of the season the walls had been re-painted the darker green many of us became familiar with.

So, what's the story? Were the Mets trying a new color scheme? It's certainly possible. Were the walls not ready for the season and this is a temporary primer coat before they applied the darker green? That's my theory but it's purely speculation. 

What's the big deal & who cares? This is part of Shea's history and I want the story. The truth is out there (X-Files is returning-WOOT). Does anyone know exactly what was going on with the OF wall in early '67?

Oh, btw, as soon as I saw the Shea photo with Goossen I knew I had to make a card for it. What an amazin' picture. Goose gets a '67t mfc card, thanks to Batmags for sharing these wonderful & rare shots.


 Blog News ALERT!!!::::::::::::

The Kidnapping Of A Wallet Card

The following story is true. The names have not been used because nobody is guilty of anything.

So we had a little birthday dinner for my fathers 87th birthday the end last month. During a delicious dinner that my sister in law had prepared (and brought over) I told my brothers about The Wallet Card, and how Defgav of Baseball Card Breakdown introduced the concept to the blogisphere.

I had chosen a 1990 Dunruss (ugly card design or ugliest card design ever?) David Cone and I brought the card out from its designated section of my wallet. The card didn't look much worse for the wear as it was passed around the table just like a dish of potatos. When it came back to me I laid it aside and got back to the feast. Little did I know I had sealed Cones fate and set in motion the events leading up to...THE KIDNAPPING OF A WALLET CARD!!!!

Sad part is after everyone left I didn't even notice the card was missing. I thought I had returned it to my wallet since it was no longer on the counter where I put it. I had opened my wallet a number of times since that dinner but It didn't dawn on me that Cone was not there, looking up at me like he had every day for the last few weeks. Out of sight, out of mind. I had no idea that not only was David Cone not in my wallet, he was no longer even in the house!

I should have been more aware! I should have been out searching for him! I should have been wracked with guilt! I was none of these things. Not even when my brother called me 3 or 4 days later with an inquiry that I was not expecting. "How's your wallet card doing?," my brother asked. I leaned forward in my chair, thinking, wow, my brother's actually concerned about my wallet card. "It's doing fine, I guess." I reached for my wallet, opened it and my least fears were realized. Cone was gone! "Shit, it's gone. Where's my wallet card?"

I had to sit through close to a minute of laughter before he was able to communicate further. "Your wallet card is right here in my hand. My wife found it on the floor of her car. lol!" "What?! How'd that happen?" The last I could recall I had laid it down on the kitchen counter.

Well, it seems that my brother's wife had taken a tray of leftovers in plastic Handi-Wrap and put it down on the counter on top of the card. When she was leaving she took the tray, not knowing that David Cone was stuck to the bottom, the plastic wrap trapping him like a web, unwilling to let go.

He must have become unstuck during the trip home and fallen to the floor of the vehicle, where he would stay for some 72 hours, silently suffering. My sister in law found it and was gonna toss it, but then thought it might belong to my brother so she brought it in and showed it to him. I think he then proceeded to laugh for 24 hours straight before he called me.

The following day he came over, returning the card to me, and I returned it to its proper place in my wallet. It got a lil' dog eared on it's adventure, but I have to say the card still looks pretty good. The design might suck but that's some pretty sturdy cardboard they used.


  1. Glad your wallet card made it home safely after such a harrowing adventure!

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    1. Thanks Jack. :)
      I haven't done fantasy baseball for many years. :(