Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Promised a Plawecki - 9 IN A ROW!

I went looking for a 1991 (Kevins year of birth) Topps rookie card for use with Plawecki and while looking I came across a 1989 Gregg Jefferies FUTURE CARD and thought, oh yea, it's got to be this border.

Not because of anything to do with the newest Mets catcher. I came to hate Greg Jefferies very early in his career. I'm not a big fan of the 1989 design although I did think the FUTURE STAR header was very cool. And looking at it now, I guess the nostalgia factor makes me like this design a little more now than when it came out. 'Lil bit. My big beef was no team logos.

But Jefferies card was #1 on mine and all my brothers want lists in 1989. They were in their early 20's and I had just hit thirty, but we all were back into baseball card collecting again big time. Mostly just Mets but the price of Goodens 85t rookie card did have us pulling all new rookies from other teams as well, and putting them aside. In 1985 this involved putting them in plastic pages or special holders, the first time I had ever done such a thing.

 The little peek we saw at the end of 1988 going into the post season had me thinking Gregg was the next Stan Musial. As a byproduct of my experience (of which I plan to write) getting Dwight Goodens 1985 Topps rookie card I went nuts with Gregg Jefferies rooks.  We went card hunting and I was spending more money buying packs than at any other point in my life. I must have had 50 of these Jefferies. There were rare variations where the Future Stars header was out of place. Had a small boat load of them. I had unopened cello packs with the Jefferies rook on top.

It was nuts. And seeing that card brought back some great collecting memories and why I've chosen the 1989 Topps Future card border for Mr. Plawecki's mfc rookie card.

Tonight was Kevin Plawecki's MLB debut. I promised I'd make a rookie card for him. So here's Plawecki's mfc FS card.

So how about those Mets, huh? 9 in a row! No one can seem to do any wrong. Plawecki came up and stroked 2 hits and scored 2 runs in the win. Eric Campbell has been filling in for Wright admirably. The bullpen might be able to withstand the loss of Blevins. We move forward.

New York beat Fk'n Freddie Freeman & the Braves 7-1, no d'Arnaud, no Blevins, no problem. Curtis Granderson had a big game, driving in 4 with 3 hits from the lead off spot. Only batting .196, Grandy carries a nice .362 OBP thanks to his good eye at the plate. If he starts hitting, watch out. 

Jon Niese had a good night, giving up only four hits. He struck out five and walked four in his 2nd win. He has yet to lose a game.

Plawecki lined out in his first at-bat, a nice rip that Fk'n Freedie Freeman had to catch or eat. He caught it. The Mets rookie catcher grounded a single to left field for the first hit of his brand new major league career in New Yorks 5 run fifth.

In the sixth, Plawecki pounced on a pitch that bounced away from him and threw a screaming mee-mee to catch Andrelton Simmons at second base, displaying a damn good arm.

 Plawecki, singled and scored again in the 8th. Not a bad debut, kid. d'Arnaud who?
Good day for the Mets. Good day for the new kid in town. Good day for us.

 From Ben Walker, AP Baseball writer:
Plawecki, drafted by the Mets in 2012 from Purdue with a compensation pick they got for losing Jose Reyes to free agency, did more than fine in front of a rooting section that included his parents, his fiance, college and high school teammates and former coaches.

Mom Lynne and dad Jeff made the trip from Westfield, Indiana, in the morning. Watching her son, she said, it was easy to flash back in her mind ''to him as a 4-year-old boy, hitting balls in the driveway.''
The souvenir ball from Plawecki's first hit was in his locker, and headed to his parents.

 D'Arnaud took Plawecki out for dinner during Monday's day off, telling the 24-year-old minor leaguer that he was ready for the majors. D'Arnaud often talked to Plawecki during the game, offering encouragement.

RHP Dillon Gee (0-1) has made 48 straight starts of at least five innings dating to May 2013, the longest active streak in the majors. The team record is 50 by Dwight Gooden.

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