Thursday, June 18, 2015

RIP Nelson Doubleday / Mets keep truckin' / '85 Fleer Ceciliani Rook / '64 Topps Dick Smith

Artwork/Nelson Doubleday by John Pennisi

This post was almost in the can when I heard about the passing of Nelson Doubleday. I still wonder how things would have gone if Mets history went the opposite way, and Doubleday bought out the Wilpons.
 A sad day in New York Metropolitan history. Rest in peace Mr. Doubleday. I liked you.
Great article here about Nelson Doubleday and what he did for the Mets and what the Mets did to him. If you're a Mets fans this is required reading.

The Full Nelson: The Man Who Saved The Mets


The Mets have been playing some very good baseball lately. Even losses have been exciting. They are a game and a half ahead of the Nats. And some of these wins show me a team that can run with the big boys. 

I think this is the first .gif card for the season set. Flores 11th inning single after Duda's shocking opposite field double for the walk-off win.

One of my favorite card designs is the 1985 Fleer. I had just started collecting baseball cards again and there were 3 major companies now. Topps, Fleer, and Donruss. In 1985 the Fleer design & set was my favorite of all.M.L. prospects. I introduced this Agee/Jones rookie card back in 2013 on Agee's page.


I said I would make a Plawecki/Robles rookie card and that slipped my mind. I did make a Plawecki Future Star and I owed Robles a rook, so here it is. Hansel will share a 1985 mfcFLEER M.L. prospects card with Darrell Ceciliani. I know that players from two different teams were portrayed on these cards, but as you can see I'm going all Mets.


Robels started out strong in early May and leveled out. He's had 5 holds, a win, a loss and a blown save. He's been used 20 times for 16 total innings walking 7 and striking out 14. He looks like he could be a thoroughbred but that hasn't happen. Yet.

Darrell Ceciliani started out weak (.125 in May) and has been coming on strong (.364 in June). Brings a young Lenny Dykstra to mind. Looks to have good baseball instincts and know how. The kid has some pop too.

 My nickname for Ceciliani is simply Cecil, and I can't think of Cecil without Beany.
This really ages me, lol.

Wouldn't be fair to only make fun of only one of them.

Yea, I know. It's actually spelt Hensel.


Jason Fry of Faith & Fear In Flushing provided a decent picture of Dick Smith who played for the Mets in the mid 60's. It's not the best quality although it's the best I've run into. 

His original mfc card was one of my most disappointing customs, mainly because the image used was so small. I'm not too thrilled with this one either. Something does not look right.

In both cards the Polo Grounds background was added by me. Which is bad for the most recent. He's in his away uniform! DOH! Lets fix that and maybe work that pic better.

This card will be added to the 1965 mfc page.



Thanks to John Pennisi for his great caricature of Nelson Doubleday. Another forced collaboration.
I do get to work with some great artists this way though. Great work of art Mr. Pennisi.

Photo of Dick Smith provided by Jason Fry.


  1. If it were me, I'd be offended to be compared to Dykstra (I have my own nickname for him, but being as this is a family friendly blog...). The guy's a felon. Even before he was a felon, he was always a jerk. Mets fan I am; never been a Dykstra fan.

    BTW, if its the larger (here) Dick Smith card you can't recall the source for, that image was posted to ootp by BklynJace, who also happens to be the proprietor of Faith and Fear in Flushing (or one of them--specifically Mr. Fry).

  2. Stubby! I'm a big fan of your work. I was just looking at some of your Met stuff the other night. Thank you for all you share.

    I agree about Lenny these days, and it's a shame, but when he came up I thought he was living the dream. From playing Strat-o-matic with his brother's to playing MLB ball. And that playoff walk-off. I thought Dykstra was the shit. And yea, turned out he was a jerk and maybe even a little nuts. I met him when he signed the drawing. IIRC this was in 1993 or '94. Don't recall how much but it cost me more than I thought it was worth (at a card show in A.C.,N.J.). But it was a drawing of him so I thought it would make it more valuable (ha-I can't even sell it to him these days). He never saw the drawing, but he signed it, a good story I'll share sometime.

    I'll thank Jason. I see him all the time at the Crane Pool Forum. Thanks for the comment :)