Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Three cards have been added to the season set. All deal with Noah Syndergaard's outing on May 27th.
Thor pitched a very impressive 7.1 innings and hit an even more impressive home run.

The day before his father's birthday Noah played not the good son, but the great son. Syndergaard became the first Mets rookie pitcher to ever strike out at least five batters in his first four starts. The Franchise never did that. Doc didn't do it. Not even The Dark Knight.
 Only Thor.

He also went 3 for 3 at the plate, tying a franchise record for hits in a game by a pitcher - matched by Jacob deGrom earlier this month. One of those hits was a massive four bagger to deep center.

Syndrgaard had homered earlier this season out in Triple-A Las Vegas and gave that home run ball to his mom for Mother's Day. After the game Noah said he would give this game ball to his dad, adding with a wide smile: "This one has my dad's name written all over it.''

Lucas Duda had a great game, smacking two dingers. The home runs are starting to come for Lucas. This is going to be the season that really puts him on the map. Last years 30 home runs were just an appetizer. What he's doing vs. lefties is sick. I want to see 100 RBIs from The Lumberjack.

The Mets fell out of first but are trying to haul themselves back in. They are virtually tied with the Washington Nationals for first place, a mere .002 behind in the standings. Thor goes tonight against the San Diego Padres with an opportunity to put New York back in the drivers seat.

There was a buzz about how Matt Harvey reacted to Syndergaards home run. Video of him in the dugout showed he made a face. Many have said he was jealous or some other such garbage. To me he looked surprised AND impressed at the same time.

Look at how Noahs head is right on that ball.

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