Sunday, July 26, 2015


After a dismal showing out of the All-Star break the Mets finally made some moves and made some noise. 
Michael Conforto became the 1000th New York Metropolitan in the team's 54 year history!!

There was a lot of talk about bringing up top prospect Michael Conforto. I really didn't think we'd see him this soon. Cuddyer hitting the DH was the final factor and it was nice to see Sandy Alderson doing more than just being intelligently glib.

Conforto's mfc Future Star card will be added to the 2015 collection. We have Plawecki, Synderguaard, Matz, and now Mike.

Mets Fantazy Cards™ is going to travel into uncharted terrain with two minor league Binghamton Mets Conforto Cards. 

Photography by David G. Whitham

Photography by Sharon Chapman


I'm going to do a full post on the recent trade with the Braves & the magnificent 15 run,20 hit game. What a freakin' incredible game that was!
(except Plawecki)

Special thanks to Sharon Chapman and David Whitham for the use of their wonderful photography. 

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