Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A CALL UP! TRADES!! 15 runs, 21 hits!!! PEDRO!!!!

Moves! Trades! Hold on to your hat cause the Mets did stuff these last few days!

There's been a lot of chatter and demand for bringing up top prospect Michael Conforto . Well, the Mets needed an outfielder with Cuddyer going down and they went for it, calling up Conforto to fill the gap. I really like this move. If the team isn't going to spend, bring him on up. They did and he didn't disappoint.

 I think if Topps put the Donruss rated rookie logo on one of their cards they'd get in all kinds of trouble. But I can do it. And overdo it with the Topps RC symbol. My defense is that watching the Mets this season has driven me insane! MUHaHAHAHaHAhAHAAAaaa

New York entered last Friday nights game last in the NL in runs scored, batting average and slugging percentage. Mets GM Sandy Alderson went and got two able bats in Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson in a trade. The Atlanta Braves got prospects John Gant and Robert Whalen in return. 

He also made a trade with the Oakland A's for two time All-Star Tyler Clippard, a very good relief pitcher. Sandy Alderson gave up 20 year old minor-league pitcher Casey Meisner. The Athletics kicked in a cool $million$.

Alderson did great. Casey Meisner is good but expendable. Meisner was a 3rd round draft pick in 2013 and is 10-4 with a 2.35 ERA in 18 starts this year.
Mejia does not have an mfc card
because I'm still a bit ticked off at him

Due to Jenrry Mejia suspension for PED use earlier this season this move had to be made. Mejia might help big time down the stretch, but because of his stupidity he won't be available if the Mets make the post season. So if we make the playoffs we are going to need that extra experienced arm in the pen. I like Alderson's thinking and show of confidence. If Meisner ends up a hall of fame pitcher, don't blame Sandy. Blame Mejia.

Bottom line: The Mets now boast a bullpen that features four pitchers with big league closing experience: Familia, Mejia, Parnell, and Clippard.

Uribe is an experienced, seasoned veteran who plays the game hard. I don't know much about Johnson but I know he hit a home run in his first game as a Met player, so I kinda like him already. And Uribe has already won a game in walk off fashion. Amazin'.

As you can see in the card above the additions of Uribe and Johnson has already added some punch to the lineup.

mfc SPECIAL : 15 runs/21 hits!!
Dodgers @ Mets, July 25th 2015

It was nice to see the Mets erupt for 21 hits, their most since 2010. The final tally was 15 runs for New York in their highest-scoring game since April 2013, and their biggest run total ever against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Call up Michael Conforto got his first major league hit in the first inning, an infield single. In the third he smacked his second MLB hit, a double. In the fifth he knocked his third career hit, another double, and in the sixth he lined a single against a lefty shift for his fourth big league hit. Last time up he had a chance to make history by getting 5 hits in his second MLB game but he opted for a walk. Not a bad day for the rook.

The card below depicts Conforto's first hit. You can see Jacob deGrom, who would pitch a gem the following day, on the dugout rail. What's that with him? Some kind of a rally racoon? AHHHHH!

New New Yorker Kelly Johnson stroked two hits including a home run in his first game in a Mets uniform. Could a simple trade like the one for Johnson and Uribe be the catalyst that this team needed? It's too soon to tell but there is no doubt they both payed instant dividends. Couple that with Confortos very nice start and Kirk Niewenhuis's hot hitting and it's almost like a different team the last two games. An additional big bat could put New York over the top and there is talk that the Mets are still going to make some moves.


Dodgers manager Don Mattingly put a lefty shift on for Conforto his fourth time up, his eighth at-bat in the bigs. We all found this very amusing, especially Conforto, who showed Mattingly where to put his shift.

It IS the rally racoon! AHHHH!!!!
Conforto was the first Mets player in franchise history with a four-hit performance within his first two career games. He is also the fifth player in the last 100 years to score four or more runs in one of his first two major league games.

Matt Harvey (9-7), who had an excellent outing, doubled and singled, driving in two runs. He pitched seven innings as the Mets ended a three-game losing streak. Matt also became the first pitcher in Mets history to record three straight two-RBI games. 

A collision in the 6th inning between Tejeda & Conforto looked bad. Fortunately no one was hurt.


Lucas Duda cranked two four baggers in the 6th & 7th innings. Thats the third time this season Duda homered twice in a game. Ruben Tejada added three hits. Granderson roped a double. Daniel Murphy went yard. 
It was pre-game fireworks for the Heart concert that would take place later in the evening.

Juan Uribe showed Mets fans that he still has what it takes to man the hot corner.

Photography by
Sharon Chapman
Frank Franklin III
Mike Stobe

Sections of text by CHARLES O'BRIEN

Associated Press


I don't know much about the rally racoon. I do know she showed up in the Mets weight room the morning after the 15 run explosion. I know she has a birthmark shaped like an interlocking NY on her forehead. I've been told by people familiar with the Mets thinking that when you turn out the lights she glows orange and blue. 
Other than that, I know nothing.
And for some reason whenever I see the rally racoon I scream.


 Pedro Martinez was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown N.Y.
A great person, a great pitcher, and a great Metropolitan.

"When you see me," Martinez said, "you can see a sign of hope, of faith, of determination, of strength, courage, with dignity."

Martinez is most known for his dominance with the Boston Red Sox, though he also suited up for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies in his 18 big league seasons.

"If you reverse the time back 15 years ago, I was sitting under a mango tree without
 50 cents to actually pay for a bus. And today I was the center of attention of the whole
 city of New York." -- October 2004

"It must've been 6:30 in the morning," Martinez said after the ceremony. "I was having a hard time catching that last hour or two of sleep. And it occurred to me, today, on Father's Day, I don't think the Dominican Republic will have a better image than having me and Marichal, who cleared the way for all of us to Cooperstown, on Father's Day, to be out there and give them the opportunity for them to see their first two sons in the Hall of Fame. I think it was the greatest gift I could probably come up with for Father's Day in the Dominican."

“Don’t look at me as numbers, as baseball, as achievements,” said Martinez, who won three Cy Young Awards and finished his career in 2009 with a 2.93 E.R.A. and 3,154 strikeouts. “I’d like you to see me as a sign of hope for a third world country, for Latin America, someone you can look up to to say, ‘I’m proud of you.’ ”

"The Mets fans, well, if you look at me and you see me going wild, that’s a Mets fan. That’s how we are. So Queens, I love you, too!"