Wednesday, July 15, 2015

>>>Jacob deGrom Makes Baseball History!!

What can I say about Jacob deGrom? He was able to sneak aboard last season and walk away with the Rookie Of The Year Award. His continued excellence is nothing short of phenomenal.

The New York Mets right-hander fanned three A.L All Stars in the sixth inning to become the first pitcher in All-Star Game history to record three strikeouts in an inning with 10 pitches or less.

"That was unreal," deGrom said following the game.
DeGrom's first eight pitches came in at an average speed of 97 mph before dropping a pair of 83 mph curveballs for his third K to end the inning.
Jason Kipnis, who was facing deGrom for the first time in his career and was his second victim, summed up his at-bat in simple terms:
"Heater, heater, heater, heater," Kipnis said. "It was good morning, good afternoon, ball outside, goodnight."

Mets Who've Fanned Three in an Inning in All-Star Play
    Tom Seaver (1968)
    Tug McGraw (1972)
    Dwight Gooden (1984)
    Sid Fernandez (1986)
    Jacob deGrom (2015)
    Thanx Edge^

The American League beat the National League 6-3 in a game that featured a number of intriguing stat lines.
  • Mike Trout became the sixth player in MLB history to hit a leadoff home run in an All-Star game and is the first to do it since Bo Jackson in 1989.
  • Trout led off the 2012 All-Star game with a single, 2013 with a double, 2014 with a triple, and 2015 with a home run.
  • Zack Greinke struck out four batters in two innings, becoming the first pitcher to do so since Pedro Martinez struck out five in 1999.
  • Lorenzo Cain singled off Madison Bumgarner in the fourth inning. Cain went 1-for-10 against Bumgarner in last year's World Series.
  • Clayton Kershaw, who was viewed as the biggest All-Star snub and was added to the roster as an injury replacement, allowed two runs off three hits in one inning for the worst line of the night.
  • Los Angeles Angels' players scored the first three runs. All of them were given up by Los Angeles Dodgers pitchers.
  • Jacob deGrom became the first pitcher in All-Star history to strike out three batters in one inning with 10 or fewer pitches.
  • Trout and Andrew McCutchen became the second leadoff hitters in history to both homer in an All-Star game.
  • Brian Dozier, who was an injury replacement for Jose Bautista, homered off Mark Melancon in his first All-Star at-bat.
  • The six runs were the most the AL scored in an All-Star game since 2005.
  • Aroldis Chapman's pitches to Mike Moustakas in the ninth inning registered at 102, 103, 102, and 103 mph.

     I should have made a card for each of those highlights. Shame on me.
    PS: Those softball lookin' ASG caps were ridiculously bad.


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