Monday, August 31, 2015

The New 64mfc Scorecard Card / '15mfc TRADED-Reed / '15mfcRECORD BREAKERS

The Shea Stadium Scoreboard the way it ought to be on a make believe 1964 baseball card. This is an improvement on the original that was a split card with a construction shot. The image of the classic scoreboard, as in the split card version, was recreated for use here.        

The image used for the working slide show screen is Eddie Kranepool. The message on the scoreboard is the actual message as seen on opening day at Shea Stadium in April of 1964.

These cards have been added to the mfc Scoreboard Collection and the Shea Stadium History Pt. One pages.


New York took one out of three from Boston. I'm glad we fought off the sweep. The team was bound to snap back a little bit. They had been going at full steam for an extended run. Usually we break a gasket, but this time we didn't. We won 8 in a row on went 8-1 on this last road trip. Now all we need is proper rest in order to recharge. 

The Mets are still 5 ½ games up on the Nationals.

New York will play the Phils again for the next few. I don't expect us to kick their ass with a vengeance like we did in Philly, but I am hoping for 2 out of 3 here. I'd be very happy with 2 out of every 3 going forward. Needless to say, if the Mets wanna reel off another 8 to 11 wins in a row, I won't stand in their way.

Sandy Alderson went out and got more bullpen help. I have to say thank you sir. It's good to see the front office all in like this.
It's just as exciting as what we are seeing on the field.

And you gotta like Reed right away. Soon after the trade he joked on twitter with fans.

I'm working on some designs for 2015 mfc Record Breaker cards. This set needs them! The Mets have given me a lot to work with and I'll be making cards for all broken or tied Mets individual and team records. N.L. and MLB records as well. There's going to be a decent amount of these covering the last five months (and hopefully even more going forward), a testament to the great season the Metropolitans are in the midst of.

mfc Record Breaker-Base Set-Individual Record
mfc Record Breaker-Base Set-Team Record
mfc Record Breaker-Base Set-Team Record
mfc Record Breaker- SP insert- Odds 1 in 396 packs

Photography by Steve Mitchell and Joe Skipper


Still to come:
A look at the Philly series sweep & more mfc Record Breakers.

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