Thursday, August 20, 2015

>>>>>>>>>Wright to Return!

This mfc card below was released on April 17th, the day after David Wright was injured during the Phils series, Matt Harvey's return engagement to Citi Field. 

If I knew at the time that would be Wrights only 2015 mfc Season Set card I'd have been bummed. But it was and I wasn't. We didn't realize the severity of David's injury until some time later as things unfolded rather slowly. And the way this season has been going there really was no time to feel down about it. We have been scrambling all season long. Wright was not here but the Mets were doing good things.

Wright's '15mfc MINI
We all know Wright's loss was a huge one to the team, and his absence has not gone unnoticed, but now he returns to a first place Mets team. In August! Around 40 games left to play.
If David's back to normal, or even close, this a better bolt of energy than any trade or call-up.

Make that 2 mfc SS cards

When I started OPERATION WRIGHT all I knew was that he left the game due to a hamstring issue. If I knew he was suffering from an injury as serious and life altering as spinal stenosis I would not have started down this path. But I did, and thankfully the trip is almost over. 

 As soon as you take the field I'll make you a uniform.

I wish Mr. Wright the best, not only as a Mets player, but as a person who I have grown to love and respect over the years. I hope you can completely overcome this obstacle and have a pain free existence going forward.

I can only pray that there be many, many more mfc cards in your future Mr. Wright.

Mets fans world wide welcome your return. 


My wallet card is finally starting to look like a wallet card.


  1. Didn't "Hammy Barks" play for the Cubs in the 1930's? :-)

    I know I'm four months late with that smart-ass comment, but is it ever too late for a smart-ass comment? Hell, no!

    1. You are correct sir!
      Not about Hammy of Chicago ( can a tobacco card be in his future?) but that it is never too late for a smart-ass comment. :)