Thursday, September 3, 2015

>>>>2015 mfc Record Breaker Collection

 2015 mfc Record Breaker 
Card Collection

For so many years the Mets were looking for a solid, dependable third baseman. We found one in David Wright. 
Long may he reign. 

Curtis Granderson is our offensive MVP for 2015 as far as I'm concerned. In between Lucas Duda's massive spurts of awesomeness Grandy carried this team offensively through June and July, and he continues to hit the ball hard.

This feels like eons ago but it's only been a couple of months. No New York Mets player was able to hit any more than 2 HRs in a game at home in its 53 year existence, and kaBAM-kaBOOM, we smack three @home twice in the same season. 

I predict someone on the Mets will do it again this year just to annoy me because then I'll have to update this card. My bet would have to be on Cespedes, who homered 3 times in one game already as a Met, but on the road.

I really think we may have struck gold with Michael Conforto. Sweet swing, mature presence, eager to learn. What more could you want from a rook? Performance, and he's putting on a nice show. 

The deGrominator made us all excitingly proud during the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati. That's an MLB record breaker there.

The exemplary hitting by Mets pitching has been something to see. We have been fortunate over the years to be able to see great hitting pitchers like Seaver and Doc. But all these guys can hit. Even Colon when he gets a pitch he can see over his stomach.

You've seen this one below but I had to fix the date, which was incorrect. ERROR CARD ALERT! Too late! I already pulled the one from two posts ago. You gotta be quick in this world of imaginary baseball cards.

The previous team to get 15 extra base hits in one game was the Cincinnati Reds at Colorado on May 19, 1999.

The old Mets record for extra base hits in one game was 13 against the Diamondbacks in Arizona on August 24, 2005. That happened on the same day, ten years ago.

All these powerful offensive record breakers occurred in the same game. But this was no fluke event. The Mets were in the midst of one of the best offensive charges I've ever seen or care to recall. This game in Philly was just a high point on chart that pointed only up, from Baltimore to the sweep of Colorado to making the Phils bandbox our bitch for four games. This stretch put New York out front with room to breath.

The Mets had hit seven homers against the Phillies in Philadelphia on April 19, 2005. No more than five Mets had ever homered in one game before.

 I've seen a lot of Metropolitan teams explode for power, but never like this. And coming from this team it was doubly surprising. Simply put, this is not the same team that started the season and somehow stayed a float for June and July with not only a lack of power, but a lack of run scoring and hitting in general. The turnaround has been remarkable.

 New Yorks previous record for HRs in a calendar month was 40, set in June 2006. The team went 15-12 that month and you'll remember we did make the post season. 

This August the Mets went 20-8, breaking the HR record on August 27th with four games to spare. Amazin'.


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